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Beat the bloat

Can’t seem to get rid of the belly swelling? It may be the foods you’re eating and what you’re not eating enough of. Here are some foods you’ll want to include in your diet to cut the bloat.

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You’ve been working hard at the gym and strengthening your core, but your belly’s still bloated. What gives? It may be the foods you’re eating. Here are some foods you’ll want to eat to help cut down on the bloating — and those flat abs will be yours.


Ensure your diet includes adequate fibre. Fibre is beneficial because it helps to improve the functioning of your digestive system, which in turn reduces bloating. Plus, it’ll help you feel fuller (so you may eat less of the foods that are contributing to bloating) and supports your system in removing waste more efficiently. Try this rice and garbanzo bean salad with kale for lunch this week.


Although dairy may contribute to bloating, you don’t want to cut it out of your diet entirely — after all, you still need to get your calcium, and yogurt is a great source for that. Look for one with active cultures, which will support the healthy bacteria in your gut (which will help your digestive tract work more efficiently). If you’re not a fan of conventional yogurt, give Greek yogurt a try — it has a much thicker consistency and packs a lot more protein (which many women don’t get enough of in their diets). Enjoy it topped with some granola for breakfast, and prepare this 5 layer yogurt dip for your next party.


You may want to cook and garnish with more of this leafy herb. Parsley has diuretic properties, which means it helps to flush out your system. Include some in your lunch salads (such as this radish and parsley salad with lemon anchovy dressing) — it’ll add a new flavour while also helping to beat the bloat.


Surprised this tropical fruit helps cut the bloat? Pineapple contains a certain enzyme that helps promote healthy digestion. Plus, this fruit is high in fibre (see above). Simply thrown on the BBQ: grilled pineapple can make a fantastic and refreshing dessert.


Asparagus is a diuretic, which means that it helps flush excess fluid from your body. Try it as a side dish with your dinner (this steamed asparagus with lemon zest is simple yet delicious) or include it in your morning omelette with some goat cheese.


Bananas are a good source of potassium, and potassium-rich foods help balance the fluid levels in your body, which in turn help cut down bloating. Throw one into a blender for a filling beverage, such as this cantaloupe and banana smoothie.

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