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Edible flowers: Incorporate springtime into meal time

Flowers aren’t just for the garden anymore. Make the most of spring’s arrival by bringing its blossoms into your home. Incorporate flowers into your dinner plans and give mealtime a little more “spring” in its step.

Edible flowers

Petals and blossoms have been adorning the plates of the fanciest restaurants worldwide for years. But what do you do when you come face to face with a pansy on your New York striploin? In all likelihood, you move it to the side and dig into your steak. But flowers don’t have to be just for display. There are loads of fun ways to incorporate florals into every aspect of your meal.

Floral waters

The easiest way to start experimenting is by making use of floral waters. Just a small amount can add so much flavour to otherwise boring dishes. Rosewater has a very subtle aroma, but adds a beautiful touch of floral goodness to everything from beverages to chicken dinners. Start your spring dinner party off right with a rose cocktail that uses rose syrup and even uses the petals of the flower for decoration. Or, for a different flavouring, dress up a boring old fruit salad with orange flower water and lavender.

Cooking with flowers

Also, don’t be afraid to prepare food with the flower itself. Many plants, such as pansies, nasturtiums and lavender buds, are completely safe to eat. So, cook your family or guests a meal that is both delicious and pretty. Or, if you want the look without having to incorporate the flowers into the dish itself, bring some colour to your spring beverages with Martha Stewart’s floral ice cubes. They add a stunning pop of colour to your average drink and look far more complicated than they are to make. So your guests are sure to be impressed by your efforts.

Keep in mind, too, that the petals aren’t the only part of the flower that’s good for eating. The less glamorous-looking parts of the plant can add a lot to your dishes as well. Try a wild dandelion greens and egg salad wrap for a healthy and flavourful lunch. Or, use the roots to make a soothing tea. Many cultures have relied on these types of herbs for generations in order to be healthy, and now it’s your turn!

If you aren’t ready to fully incorporate flowers into your dishes, using them as garnishes is a perfectly acceptable substitute. But for some added fun and lively dinner conversation, let guests know that what they’re looking at is, in fact, edible, and see if anyone gives it a try. There’s bound to be one person, at least!

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