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How to make healthy choices at Tim Hortons


Well, the good news is that Roll Up the Rim to Win is back! And that means you are way more likely to be making a few extra visits to Timmy’s this month. But just because you want an extra chance to win a Toyota Camry or flat-screen TV doesn’t mean you have to pack on pounds in the process. Get the most nutritious Tim Hortons options that will keep you happy and healthy this Roll Up season.

Tim Horton's coffeeBeverages

The simplicity of ordering a double-double sounds ideal, but all that cream and sugar can quickly add over 100 calories to your once calorie-free coffee or tea. Black coffee isn’t for everyone, and that’s OK. But you can avoid crushing your diet by just ordering one shot of cream; or, better yet, sub in milk rather than cream. See if you can get by without the sugar and maybe treat yourself to a single sugar or a packet of Splenda here or there when you’re really in need of a pick-me-up. Or, for some added health benefits, try herbal tea rather than coffee.


If you’re trying to make healthy choices while you’re in Timmy’s, then the baked goods section should essentially be considered off limits. The doughnuts, muffins and cookies are loaded with bad fats and sugars and have very little food value to show for the amount of calories they will have you ingesting. Instead, opt for one of the yogurt & berries combos, which are low in fat and a source of calcium and fruit. Plus, they are absolutely delicious! If you are in need of something warm to get you going in the morning, steer clear of the breakfast sandwiches, which are extremely high in calories, sodium and cholesterol. Instead, give the plain oatmeal a try — it offers 15 percent of your iron needs.


TIm Hortons’ soup can run a little higher in sodium than is ideal but many varieties are good sources of vitamins and minerals, and the majority are under 150 calories per serving. If you are vegetarian or vegan, your best option is the Hearty Vegetable Soup, which contains absolutely no animal products.

Sandwiches & Wraps

If you are in need of a quick fix for your grumbling belly, the wrap snackers are good sources of protein and dietary fibre. Or, for a full-on meal, you can go for a regular-size sandwich on a whole wheat bun. The toasted chicken club is an excellent source of protein and iron, while the chicken salad is your go-to if you are looking to cut calories.

To take a peek at the nutrition of your favourite Timmy’s treats, use their official nutrition calculator to ensure you have all the information you need. Tim Hortons has plenty of nutritious options to choose from, so stay informed and make healthy choices!

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