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New ways to enjoy risotto for dinner

Risotto is the perfect comfort food because the rice is cooked in a broth until it achieves an unbelievably creamy texture. Keep things interesting with these exciting and delicious fresh risotto ideas.


Typically in risotto, the rice is combined with some cheese and wine and occasionally a sprinkling of vegetables and spices. As delicious as these traditional versions are, experimenting with new and flavourful ingredients can really breathe some life into dinnertime. And with so many options to choose from, you are sure to find the recipe that fits your needs perfectly.

For the beginner

Recipe books are loaded with unique yet simple ways of dressing up a classic risotto. There’s nothing old and boring about grilled kale and pancetta risotto. Spinach and sausage are a thing of the past with this innovative dish.

And there are plenty of options for all you vegetarians out there. If you’ve never had broccoli risotto before, now’s your chance. And the dish can easily be made vegan by substituting in dairy-free cheese and margerine.

For the busy mom

For a truly kid-friendly risotto, give this chicken risotto a whirl. Unlike many other risotto recipes, there is no alcohol involved and it combines mushrooms and baby peas with the meat and rice so your little ones will get their vitamins without even noticing.

Sometimes, you are simply too busy to stand around checking on your simmering rice. For those really hectic nights, baked risotto comes to the rescue. Just combine the ingredients, let sit in the oven for an hour and you will have a hassle-free dinner on the table minutes later.

For a romantic night in

Don’t go thinking the only way for you to get your risotto fix is on a plate. For a romantic dinner for two, enjoy heirloom tomatoes stuffed with shrimp risotto. Risotto sticks together quite well so it is the perfect filling. For a beautiful looking creation, whip up your favourite batch of risotto and stuff it into peppers or zucchini.

For the culinary artist

For an even smoother texture, consider experimenting with orzo rather than rice. Orzo is a pasta and therefore goes down even more easily than chewy rice. Myrecipes’ mushroom orzo risotto is a great place to start.

You might never have heard of Israeli couscous but you’ll be glad you read about it here. The large, round grains provide a fun new way to enjoy traditional risotto. Epicurious’ healthy dish of Israeli couscous with squash, radicchio and parsley butter is sure to impress even the most critical guest.

No matter what style you’re looking for, there is sure to be a unique and exciting risotto dish designed just for you!

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