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Your helpful guide to microwaveable meals

We all strive to cook healthy meals for ourselves and our families. But sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Before you order in a pizza, give these healthy and delicious microwaveable meals a try.


No matter which way you slice it, homemade meals, when done the right way, are always going to be the healthiest option. Whenever possible, try to set aside a few hours in the week for whippin up a couple of meals that can be easily frozen, such as stir frys, pasta sauces and stews. When you’re having a day when you just don’t have time to cook, simply remove one of the meals in the morning and let it defrost in the fridge until dinnertime. Cook it in the microwave until completely warmed and you’re done. For some added inspiration, take a look at these delicious make-ahead meals. You will have a home-cooked meal on the table in minutes!

Fabulous frozen meals

If you simply don’t have time to cook and freeze in advance, that’s OK, too. There have been some great advancements in the world of frozen foods and there is sure to be a microweavable meal that is just right for you.

For an all-natural, healthy meal, try Kashi’s Frozen Entrees. They use absolutely no preservatives or artificial additives, something hard to find in the prepared meal aisle. Their dishes are also low in sodium and offer the perfect blend of protein, whole grains and vegetables. Their Black Bean Mango, for example, is a great source of dietary fibre and just one serving provides you with your entire day’s requirement of vitamins A and C. Some of their other tantalizing options include Spinach and Artichoke Pasta and Southwest Style Chicken.

Healthy microwaveable options

If traditional baked dishes or more exotic bowl creations are your thing, then The Organic Bistro might be just what you’re looking for. All the ingredients they use are gluten-free, organic and sustainably sourced, so you can feel good about your dinner choice. And virtually all of their meals are excellent sources of protein and dietary fibre. Try their Sesame Ginger Wild Salmon Bowl or their Cheddar Beef Bake and see what you think.

You do your best to get fresh, home-cooked meals on the table for you and your family. But when you just can’t seem to make it happen, at least there are some great microwaveable options that you can count on!

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