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Delicious recipes: Here, fishy, fishy, fishy


We’ve all heard about the health benefits of eating fish. But getting kids on board with fish in their diets can be a little challenging at times. If the flavours and textures of seafood are new to your wee ones and they’re resisting the transition, these yummy fish recipes will have them seeing their fish dinner in a whole new light!

Fish and chips

Fish and chips

Fish and chips is always a hit. But you don’t want to serve your family a plate full of grease. Instead, opt for Good Housekeeping‘s baked fish and chips. It uses panko crumbs rather than regular bread crumbs, and the amount of oil required is severely reduced, thanks to the baking process. Your family is sure to gobble it down without realizing it’s good for them, too!

Fish tacos

Every kid loves a dinner they can eat with their hands. That’s why fish tacos are absolutely perfect. Your kids will be happy they get to have some fun at dinner time, and you’ll be greatly pleased with the ease of it all.

Tuna skillet

It’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t like mushroom soup — so use that to your advantage! This tuna skillet recipe will load your kids up with good ingredients like peas, onions and tuna, all masked in the taste of mushroom soup that they know and love. And you can even let your family have a little bit of say in the evening’s dinner by letting them choose what grain they wanted it served over: couscous, long-grain rice, quinoa, bulgur, whole wheat pasta.… The options are endless — and they’ll be happy to have some input.

Barbecued fish

A BBQ rub is also an option that might go over smoothly with your kids. They are likely familiar with the taste on burgers, chicken and steak, so it just might be the perfect transition tool to get them interested in fish. Pair it with some sides you know they love, and supper is sure to go down well.

Exotic fish dishes

As the wee ones start to get a little more familiar with the taste and texture of fish, the fun can really begin. You can get more creative with dishes which, even though they might resist at first, will hook the kids with just one bite. The sweetness in a batch of pan fried fish fillets with sweet potatoes is sure to be a hit. Or, for something even easier, try whipping up snapper with asian vegetables in a bag. With this style of dish you can incorporate some new and exciting sauces and spices with your traditional meat and veggies for dinners the whole family will love.

It might seem challenging at first to get your kids on board with the notion of fish for dinner. But with these simple and delicious options, fish will become a welcome change for the whole family!

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