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Poutine: New ways to enjoy an old favourite


There’s nothing quite like whipping up some comfort food at the end of a long day. Keep things yummy and interesting with these new twists on an old favourite.


Poutine is a real Canadian classic. It is believe to have originated in Quebec in the late 1950s and has been warming our bellies ever since. The blend of salty fries topped with cheese curds and gravy is the perfect comfort food after a day on the slopes or a rough week at work. It’s so warm and gooey, you can’t get enough of the stuff.

Sure, there are plenty of fast-food chains that offer an immediate fix, but nothing beats homemade. offers a simple starter recipe in Real Canadian Poutine. From there, you can really get creative. Try switching in your favourite cheeses, experimenting with different kinds and shapes of potatoes and even making your very own gravy.

Unique poutine recipes

If potatoes, cheese and gravy doesn’t seem like a full-enough meal, there are plenty of ways you can add a little something extra. Reader’s Digest recommends poutine with braised chicken in BBQ sauce and cheddar, which includes some extra protein and gives the dish a Southern twist. In the mood for something a little fancier? Maybe CTV’s lobster poutine is more to your taste. It takes a traditional Quebec dish and adds a coastal flair for extraordinary results.

Thought those white taters were the only way to get this dish started? Not anymore! For something totally fresh, give the Food Network’s sweet potato poutine a try. The natural sugars in the sweet potatoes add a unique flavour that is sure to tantalize your tastebuds in a whole new way.

Or for something entirely different, try the Cooking Channel’s gnocchi poutine. It opts for gnocchi dumplings instead of fries, and Camembert instead of your average cheese curds. We’ll bet you haven’t had anything like it before! This is also a healthier way to go, since the gnocchi doesn’t have to be deep-fried, and you can opt for whole-wheat gnocchi for some extra nutrients.

If none of these recipes pique your interest, don’t give up! Borrow from everywhere to make your poutine just the way you like it. You can begin by playing with different kinds of meats and cheeses. Veggies and spices also act as great toppings. If you’re a fan of Mediterranean cuisine, try sprinkling some feta, olives and chopped tomatoes on your fries. Or, for an Italian twist, create your very own four-cheese-and-sausage poutine. With a little experimenting, you’re guaranteed to come across something you love — and you’re sure to see poutine in a whole new light.

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