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5 Classic appetizers everyone loves

There’s a reason you encounter these classic appetizers time and time again — everyone loves them and eats them all up! Whip them together for your next party and you’re guaranteed no leftovers.

Deviled eggs

You can show off your cooking skills and adventurous spirit with most of your menu, but some tried-and-true, classic appetizers will help your guests feel at ease — especially those who are less inclined to try new foods. But even the foodies in attendance will eat these up. There’s a reason these are classics recipes, after all — they’re all so tasty!

Devilled eggs

Devilled eggs have enjoyed a bit of a comeback lately, and we can see why — they’re the perfect two-bite appetizer (making them quick and easy to eat while holding a cocktail). Plus, you can prep them in advance, so that you can enjoy the party rather than fussing over food on the spot. Try making these South Beach Diet devilled eggs.

Seven-layer dip

Sure, there’s lots of grating and chopping and layering to be done, but the heavenly mix of refried beans, guacamole and cheese (to name just a few of the components) in this seven-layer dip will appeal to both the men and the women attending your party. Just be sure you have plenty of tortilla chips for scooping up the dip!

Spinach artichoke dip

There’s something so comforting about this warm, savoury dip. And here’s some good news — you can make a lighter version for those who are watching what they eat, using this low-fat spinach artichoke dip recipe. Serve with whole-grain crackers and crudites, or go traditional and use a hollowed-out round of pumpernickel.

Bacon-wrapped appetizers

Everything is better with bacon, right? This cut of the pig is growing ever more popular, if bacon marmalade, bacon-flavoured toothpaste and bacon-scented candles are anything to go by. Bacon-wrapped water chestnuts were popular back in the day; now, it seems everything can be enveloped in bacon — such as in these five recipes for treats wrapped in bacon.


A versatile recipe that can suit both casual parties and more chic affairs, this popular Italian appetizer is best if made in the summer, when tomatoes are at their peak. Try making this raw-tomato bruschetta dip and leave it to guests to pile as much as they like of the delicious mixture atop some grilled bread.

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