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Root vegetables for budget-friendly winter cooking

We all know it’s important to get our daily dose of fruits and veggies, but no one wants to spend a hundred dollars a week in the produce aisle. The winter months aren’t the most budget-friendly when it comes to fresh food — but that’s where root vegetables come in.

Sweet potato fries

Root vegetables don’t get a lot of credit for the majority of the year, as they are frequently outshone by veggies with brighter shades and more dominant flavours. But now’s your chance to put their lack of popularity to an end and incorporate them into your day-to-day side dish recipes.

Sweet Potatoes

These little guys are probably the most popular of the root vegetables because of their natural sugars that become extra potent when cooked. But don’t let their sweetness fool you — they are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C and are also a good source of fibre. Sweet potato fries are sure to please every member of your household and go especially well with chicken or burgers.


Parsnips have a soft but distinct flavour and therefore work best when incorportated into dishes rather than left to stand on their own. If you’re tasting them for the first time, try something along the lines of parsnips au gratin, as the parsnips are complemented by the sharp cheese.


Rutabaga is unique amongst the root vegetable family, as both the root itself and the leaves are frequently used in recipes. They also happen to be high in vitamin C, so you can quit buying all those expensive oranges. Tired of pairing your steak with mashed potatoes? Give mashed rutabaga a try.


Sure, you might look like you cut yourself pretty badly when you’re done chopping up a batch of beets, but it is absolutely worth it. Not only does the colour make the beet look stunning when sitting on a plate, but its natural sweetness makes it highly appealing to kids and adults alike. Plus, beets are loaded with folate and vitamin C. Try whipping up some beets with walnuts and chèvre to add a fancy twist to your next dinner.


They provide you with many excellent nutrients, such as vitamin A and folic acid, so they definitely deserve a place on your dinner table. Potato and leek soup is a great way to incorporate two root vegetables into your meal.

Root vegetables don’t have to be reserved for side dishes, though; don’t be afraid to toss them into stir frys, stews or casseroles for flavours you haven’t yet experienced. No matter how you decide to use them, there is no doubt that root vegetables deserve a place on your dinner table this winter.

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