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Best ways to enjoy sweet potatoes


It can be hard to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables when you see the astronomical prices in the produce aisle during the winter. Fortunately, sweet potatoes are in season and absolutely delicious, so you can make a healthy choice without going over budget!

Sweet potato wedges

Winter might not be the most budget-friendly season when it comes to salads, but there are lots of root vegetables that are great for your belly and your pocket-book at this time of year. Though white potatoes may have started to seem boring and you just can’t quite get used to the taste of turnips, there’s still the sweet potato, the yummiest of them all!

Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, beta-carotene and dietary fibre so they will fill you up with plenty of excellent nutrients. And there are so many recipes — enough to tantalize even the toughest food critic. From side dishes to easy lunches, the sweet potato provides a little something for everyone.

Sweet potato fries

There is no doubt that sweet potato fries are a huge crowd pleaser. They’re crispy and delicious — and, when baked in the oven rather than deep fried, also happen to be extremely good for you. They’re perfect as a party appetizer, quick snack or creative side dish! You can even take it a step further creatively and whip up some sweet potato and carrot fries.

Mashed sweet potatoes

Or, if you’re feeling a little nostalgic for Thankgiving and Christmas, mashed sweet potatoes are an excellent side dish option. Plus, they are often sweet enough on their own so you can make them extra healthy by doing away with adding sugar. Not only are they yummy and nutritious, but they also add a nice little pop of colour to your plate.

Soup or salad

Sweet potatoes are also great for a light lunch when used in soup. Their natural smoothness when cooked and then blended means that very little additives need to be thrown in. This creates a soup made entirely of good-for-you, natural ingredients. Or, if you aren’t in the mood for something warm, give quinoa and sweet potato salad a try. You can easily whip up a big batch of the stuff on the weekend and pack it for lunch at work Monday to Friday.

For breakfast too!

Never wanting to be left out of a meal, these little guys can also be consumed at breakfast time! Try out some sweet potato cranberry bread or whip up a batch of sweet potato biscuits for a unique breakfast experience.

Sweet potatoes provide your body with many nutrients and are also very reasonably priced year-round. So why not make them one of your kitchen staples starting today?

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