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5 Winter salads to tempt your tastebuds

Winter is synonymous with soups and stews and hearty casseroles, but salads should have a spot on the table, too. Here are five recipes you’ll return to time and time again.

Broccoli walnut salad

We tend to think of salads as light fare we dine on in the summer — especially as summer also means bikini season. But there are a slough of fantastic salad options when it comes to the winter months; don’t forget, we still need to get our 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Here are five recipes we guarantee you will want to add to your recipe book this winter.

Winter salad with broccoli, walnuts and fruit

You’ve got the earthy greenness of broccoli (currently in season!), the satisfying crunch of walnuts and natural sweetness of pomegranates and honey.… What’s not to love about this salad with broccoli, walnuts and fruit? Enjoy it at lunch (it travels well) or as side with your dinner of roasted salmon.

Warm winter salad

There’s no denying we want warm foods to fill our belly when it’s cold outside — and here is a delicious warm winter salad that uses so many of the season’s vegetables (butternut squash, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes). And to top it off, some bacon. Isn’t everything better with bacon?

Winter fruit salads

There are way too many sensational fruits that are in season in the winter not to put them in the spotlight in a wonderfully refreshing fruit salad. Wake up your tastebuds with oranges, kiwi, pomegranates and grapefruit. Drooling? Don’t wait — get to your produce section now!

Raw kale and grapefruit salad

Two of our favourite, highly nutritious, antioxidant-rich seasonal items in one simple salad: kale and grapefruit salad, simple but packing a flavourful punch. It’s hearty, tangy and crunchy (thanks to the addition of pine nuts). Memorize this recipe, as you’ll want to make it at least once a week.

Tangerine, celery and blue cheese salad

We can’t forget the sweet, juicy tangerines that are currently in season. Blue cheese lovers (you either love or hate this pungent cheese — there just doesn’t seem to be a middle ground!) will adore this tangerine, celery and blue cheese salad for the sweet contrast the tangerines offer against the creamy blueness, while celery adds a jaw-pleasing crunch.

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