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5 Delicious winter cocktails


Old Man Winter may be keeping things chilly outside, but you can relax indoors with one of these tasty drinks in hand. Add to your bartending repertoire by learning how to make these five cocktails.

Hot toddy

Sure, the holidays are over, but who’s to say you can’t be merry and enjoy some cheer now? And what better way to continue the festivities than with a handful of incredible cocktails up your sleeve. Your friends and family will be impressed with your skills behind the bar. Cheers!

Hot toddy

You can never go wrong with a classic cocktail. Known for its ability to warm you to your core, the whiskey-based toddy was traditionally consumed before going to bed when feeling under the weather. But it’s the perfect drink for après ski — or, have one ready for after you’ve shovelled, post-snowstorm. And you can make it with anything you like: whiskey, scotch, rum or brandy, as in this apple brand hot toddy.

Mixed mocha frappé dessert drink

Finish off a great meal with friends with coffee and dessert — or just a coffee specialty on its own. Simply add Kahlua or Frangelico to your usual coffee, or get out your cocktail shaker and mix up a coffee-flavoured cocktail, such as this mixed mocha frappé dessert drink.

Winter mojito recipe

Satisfy your cravings for a summery Cuban mojito, but give it a cold-weather twist. Incorporate cranberries to give it a more wintery feel such as in this winter mojito recipe. Now, close your eyes, sip and escape to the beaches of Cuba.

French 75

More and more bars and restaurants are returning to classic cocktails (the days of the Cosmo appear to be over). Take the French 75, for one. This slightly fizzy cocktail is traditionally made with gin, but replace the gin with cognac as they do in New Orleans, and you’ve got a rich new flavour to it.

Pimm’s winter cup cocktail

Take advantage of the oranges in season right now and prep some warming mugs of this Pimm’s winter cup cocktail, which also features apples and cinnamon. It’s like comfort captured in a cup. Set it out in a punch bowl for your guests after a sledding or skating party.

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