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Valentine’s Day desserts

No matter how you spend this Feb. 14, there is a perfect dessert just for you. Whether you’re hanging with your man, spending the night with girls or relaxing on your own — find the treat that will give you just what your sweet tooth desires.

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There really is a dessert for every occasion. You may crave wedding cake when it’s your best friend’s big day but a comforting bowl of rice pudding might be just what you need for a quiet night in. Valentine’s Day is just like that — it’s about finding the right dessert to go with your evening’s events.

A girl’s night

If you’re spending this Feb. 14 with your friends, there are plenty of desserts to suit your needs. You’re so good about watching what you eat the rest of the year — so this is really your chance to indulge your sweet tooth and give your body what it’s been craving. Since there are lots of you, an array of different desserts to suite everyone’s needs is well within reason. And this way you get to try a little sample of everything. Every other party you go to has an hors d’oeurves table – so why not have a dessert table? Single serving treats such as two-bite brownies or peanut butter cheesecake bars are a great place to start. Toss the crackers and cheese away and fill a bowl up with Swedish Berries and M&Ms. Make Valentine’s Day with the girls a night of treating yourself and it’s sure to be one you’ll never forget!

Time with your man

For a romantic night in with your guy it’s nice to opt for a dessert without too much preparation so you can spend more time talking and actually enjoying your concoction than looming over a precarious souffle. A decadent chocolate fondue for two is a great option because it’s easy to prepare and it’s light so you won’t feel weighed down for the rest of the evening. It’s the perfect way to end off any meal.

A night of “me” time

Sometimes the Valentine’s Day paraphernalia strewn about the stores and the images of happy couples can get a bit much and you just need to take a night to enjoy some relaxing time with yourself. No gentlemen callers, no drama, just you, a line-up of good movies and some well earned treats. For this style of evening it gets to be all about you and what you want to treat yourself with. You don’t need to worry about tending to a guy’s picky eating habits or your friends’ dietary restrictions, you can just pick what you are craving and go for it. Maybe it’s time to get out that old ice cream maker and whip up a bowl of Rocky Road. Or maybe it’s time to give in and treat yourself to a batch of classic chocolate chip cookies. Whatever it is — just remember, this Feb. 14 pick a dessert that’s just for you.

Valentine’s Day might have started off being just about romance — but with all the dessert options out there it can be so much more than that. There are so many treats to enjoy and this is the perfect excuse to indulge a little. So find the right dessert for you and get baking!

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