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Menu ideas for a girls night in

Get your crew together for a fun and delicious night in. After all, you’ll need some sustenance for all of the giggling and gossiping you’ll be doing.

Women eating fondue

Girls night out is fun, but girls night in is sometimes even better. You can all completely let loose, without slimy dudes offering to buy you drinks every 10 minutes. And with a little effort, the food can be every bit as delicious as restaurant fare. Here are some recipe and meal ideas to make your next girlfriend soiree a smashing success. In fact, you may be planning way more nights in than out after this.

Chocolate fondue

Not every woman loves chocolate, but let’s face it, lots of us do. If you have to be an adult, you can include it as your dessert course… or, throw caution to the wind and make chocolate fondue your main meal. Tonight is not the time to be sticking to your diet — make this your once-a-month splurge on calories and sugar. Have a mix of fresh fruit, cookies, pound cake and Rice Krispie squares to dip into a milk chocolate fondue, or try white chocolate for a different twist.

Comfort foods

Quality time with our besties is often like the relationship equivalent of eating our favourite comfort foods. So why not have your meal focused on everyone’s favourites? We’re thinking macaroni and cheese (try this sophisticated version, macaroni and cheese with white wine and goat cheese) and shepherd’s pie, for example. Bonus: you’re amongst friends, so no judgement regarding how much you chow down.

Wine and cheese

Best part of hosting a wine and cheese girls night? No cooking required! Discover fantastic wine, cheese and beer pairings here. Add a charcuterie plate if you feel cheese is simply not enough (although we’d bet money on your girlfriends being plenty pleased with plenty of cheese).


Everything about tapas is fun — the small plates, the mix of flavours, the passing of dishes; it’s just such an interactive and intimate affair. To help save you prep time, have everyone bring their favourite one or two tapas dishes to share.

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