5 Breakup foods to soothe your broken heart

The end of a relationship can really bite — not to mention send us scurrying to the fridge to take comfort in a pint of ice cream. Food can often help dull the pain. Here are our top five not-so-guilty indulgences for the broken-hearted.

Women eating chocolate

We’ve got breakups on the brain, what with Heidi Klum and Seal just announcing their split. And one of our go-to strategies when it comes to the end of a relationship? Taking comfort in some comfort food. Here are five options we feel slightly less guilty about now that their nutritional benefits have been brought to light.

(Word to the wise: indulge immediately after your breakup, but after the initial shock, aim for modest consumption to maintain your girlish figure).


Chocolate helps release seratonin, the feel-good hormone — exactly what you need right at this moment. But not the candy bar variety — you need to be picking up some premium dark chocolate to reap health benefits. (Bonus: the intensity of the flavour will often mean you only need a small square to satisfy your craving.) Plus, chocolate has been linked to reduced cancer risk and may have heart-health-boosting properties, too.

Red wine

Now you are probably downing some vino to soften the blow. The good news is that red wine contains antioxidants; plus, the compound resveratrol found in red wine has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and aid in reducing inflammation and cholesterol levels.


Get your fix of a salty snack with a handful of nuts, and get a dose of healthy fats, vitamin E, magnesium and folic acid while you’re at it. (Or, if you are downing a pint of ice cream on the couch all teary-eyed, consider topping it with some nuts).


Carbs help release serotonin, so you are likely in a carbo-loading mode in this difficult time. Help soak up that red wine you’re consuming (see above) with a few of the carbs your body is calling for: think bread, crackers and pasta. If you want to save yourself a guilt trip, opt for whole grain varieties.


Soft, aromatic cheeses — there’s something about these pillowy bites, ranging from delicate to pungent, that make them an ideal breakup snack (plus, you need to pile something on top of your carbs and to have with your red wine, right?). Perhaps it’s cheese’s melty quality that makes it feel like a food version of a hug. Plus, it’s part of the dairy family, after all, and the calcium will benefit your bones and teeth.

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