5 Soups to warm you up this winter

The chill in the air makes a warm bowl of soup the perfect meal for lunch or dinner. Better yet, soups are one-pot wonders and many are simple to whip up quickly. Choose one of the following recipes, each of which includes at least one of the many delicious vegetables that are at their prime in the winter.

Beet soup

For a simple meal, nothing beats soup in the wintertime to chase the chill away. From smooth and velvety to chunky and toothsome, these five soup recipes are sure to please your palate. Even better, they each feature at least one winter vegetable.

If you’re craving something sweet yet spicy

Try: Spicy beet soup

Beets are in season throughout the winter. The gorgeous crimson hue of this root veggie will feed your eyes while its unique sweet taste will wake up bored taste buds. This unique recipe also incorporates another veggie in season: celery. Pair this creamy soup with a grilled cheese sandwich to make a more substantial meal.

If you’re craving something chunky and hearty

Try: White bean, squash and kale soup

The beans will make you feel full and provide a good source of protein and fibre, while squash and kale, both in season in the winter (with the latter sweeter in the cold winter months), make this soup a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.

If you’re craving something meaty

Try: Slow-cooked beef and cabbage soup

Meat lovers will be scooping up every last spoonful of this hearty soup. And there’s something so satisfying about coming home from your day or in from the cold to the “dinner’s ready” aroma of a slow-cooker meal. This soup also features in-season cabbage, which often tastes sweeter when grown in the cold months.

If you’re craving Asian flavours

Try: Ginger chicken and rice noodle soup

Satisfy your craving for Asian flavours with a bowl of this satisfying soup. Not only does it include seasonal veggies carrots and celery, it’ll also help if you are under the weather with a cold. It’s not just an old wives’ tale — chicken soup has anti-inflammatory benefits and also helps to thin mucous, so it indeed helps to soothe a cold. Plus, ginger is a natural immune booster — making this soup even healthier.

If you’re craving something creamy

Try: Parsnip carrot soup

Often overlooked, parsnips are in season in the winter and are a good source of folate and potassium — not to mention plenty of fibre. Plus, they boast a unique flavour profile — sweet, yet also nutty and peppery. Combine parsnip with its more popular cousin, carrot (also in season) in this creamy soup — perfect to sip from a mug after an afternoon of tobogganing.

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