Throw a fantastic supper party for your foodie friends

You and your foodie friends love to eat — your conversations always seem to circle back to food and restaurants. Eat well in the comfort of your own home and keep everyone engaged and entertained by giving the evening a foodie twist.

Dinner party themes

Your next dinner party with your foodie friends will be one that goes down in the history books as the best dinner party ever if you give it a food-lover’s theme. Better yet, rotate the host each month and keep the party going all year long. Best of all, you’re all guaranteed to be eating very well.

Test everyone’s food knowledge

Leave the Scrabble to the word nerds. What you and your circle need is Foodie Fight, a trivia game based on — you guessed it — food. Questions range from food history to celebrity chefs. Make the game even more competitive by making the loser polish the silver, or take the road trip to get that elusive ingredient you’ve all been dying to try.

Taste testing food with blindfoldKeep everyone in the dark

Buy some scarves, dim the lights and have everyone eat the meal in the dark to find out who truly has the best palette by having guests try to discern what they’re eating using solely their tastebuds. Word to the wise: avoid using your best tablecloth as red wine spills may occur. Alternatively, enjoy dinner as you usually would, and afterwards, have 10 to 20 single-ingredient samples prepared and have each guest blind taste test each sample to see how many they can correctly identify — much like how Gordon
Ramsay tests the chefs on Master Chef. (It’s up to you if you want to curse as much as Ramsay does!).

Have a cook off

You’ve watched hours of of Food TV now let it work to your advantage and host your own version of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Decide which two people will cook a certain dish and gather at your place where the rest of the guests will determine which fried chicken, chili or spaghetti with meatballs, is the best. Make it a blind tasting to keep it fair!

Host a potluck with a theme

Assign everyone a certain dinner course, but have everyone cook a certain cuisine — the possibilities are endless. Go with more common ones, such as Italian or Greek, or make everyone work harder by choosing Ethiopian cuisine, for example. Alternatively, make it a requirement that everyone’s dish contain a certain ingredient. Pork lovers will love a bacon-themed event (bacon ice cream, anyone?), or go for broke and make it a truffle-themed dinner. Maybe consider different cooking methods (sous vide? raw?) or have everyone’s dishes be from a certain chef.

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