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How much beer do I need for a party?

If you’re hosting a football or poker party, a backyard barbecue or a last-minute get-together, you’d better stock up on beer. But how much? And what kind? Keep reading for answers that will help you host the perfect beer bash.

buying beer for parties


Deciding on quantity

What kind of celebration are you hosting? Is this a backyard wedding reception or a movie night with a few friends?

This party calculator can help you determine how much beer, wine and spirits you need for your party.

Types of beer

This question can paralyze hosts, especially if they are not beer drinkers. There are microbrews. There are light beers and dark beers. There are expensive beers and cheap beers. Here’s what we suggest you do: Purchase a variety of microbrews; one to three varieties should do nicely. Patronize local craft breweries, which make special beers for all tastes.

In addition, offer a selection of light and dark beers. This way, you have something that suits everyone’s taste.

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The food

If you’re hosting a beer party, serve a variety of foods so your guests don’t drink on empty stomachs. Avoid serving salty, sweet or greasy snack foods; they’ll make your guests thirsty. Meats, veggies, cheeses, dips, breads and other snacks high in protein and starch are good choices.

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