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How to eat healthier every day

healthy snack


When the mid-morning or mid-afternoon stomach grumblings start, bypass the vending machine chips, candy bars and packages of cookies. Instead, opt for healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. Fresh items, as opposed to processed foods, are always a good choice because you can avoid consuming the added chemicals and preservatives of processed foods.

Nancy Tan, a 22-year-old advertising account executive, is always on her toes with busy deadlines and trying to please clients. She enjoys snacking on fruit or cherry tomatoes throughout the day. She also makes sure to drink plenty of water to keep herself hydrated.

“Healthy snacks and water really give me the extra lift I need… and constantly going to the restroom keeps me on my toes, too,” Tan says.

Campbell suggests also snacking on things like apples, raisins or baby carrots while you are on-the-go. Snacking on healthy foods in between meals can keep your blood sugar level, prevent fatigue and, more importantly, prevent binge eating.


The key to healthy living is having the facts. Get more nutrition savvy by starting with the food pyramid. Determine your daily nutrition requirements. Read labels to learn serving sizes and nutritional content of the foods you eat. Make sure you are getting the recommended daily food intake your body needs.

Despite the posits and contradictions of “health foods,” going back to basics, eating fresh and wholesome foods and eating in moderation are really the best strategies for a healthy diet.

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