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How to eat healthier every day

dinner plate of food


Try to eat dinner at a regularly scheduled time early in the evening–as opposed to late-night dinners. Dinners are usually more relaxed than other meals during the day and you often have more time to spend eating or preparing dinner than other meals–so enjoy.

Take the time to include foods from the food groups that you may have missed in earlier meals. Be warned, however, dinnertime can sabotage your diet or healthy-eating intentions because you do have more time to eat you may end up eating too much. Watch your portion and serving sizes.

Marshella Dickey, a 22-year-old Coach Sales Associate, does not always have time to eat healthy dinners, but makes the most of foods available to her and knows how to avoid the unhealthy food traps of the mall food-court while she is at work.

“I try to eat lots of fruits and salads with spinach leaves. If I must eat on the go, I try to find wraps with vegetables and chicken. I also try to have wheat bread and pasta when I can,” Dickey says.

Eating out can be a challenge for the health-conscious eater. Aim to have sit-down family meals at home but when you do eat out, try these key strategies to dining out.

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