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10 Secrets for throwing a successful cocktail party

6A funny story goes a long way

Story-telling can make for a good party–not only is it fun to reminisce with good friends–but a great story can be a great icebreaker for guests who don’t know each other very well. Laughter is one of the best ice-breakers and will have your guests feeling comfortable in no time.

7Talk to the neighbours

Mean or rude neighbours can put an end to your party before it even gets started. So if you know beforehand that your party might get loud, you can simply invite your neighbours or let them know in advance to call you if it gets to be too much. Even if you don’t care for your neighbours, if you are polite and courteous, they will hopefully return the act.

8Monitor the drinking

Let’s hope that your friends know how to handle their liquor–a sloppy guest can turn a party upside down. Keep your guests in check by making sure no one is drinking way too much, way too fast. Also, be sure to keep the food coming!

9The after-party

If all goes well during the party, keep it going! As people pick up and leave, your closest friends will likely stay behind. Have some delicious desserts and coffee on hand for the after-party stragglers. You guys can laugh about the shenanigans that just went down.

10Make sure your guests get home safe

And lastly, a successful party is one that everyone gets home safe from. You definitely don’t want any of your friends getting pulled over or in an accident on the way home–so don’t let anyone drive who shouldn’t be behind the wheel. If you have room at your place, you can always encourage a few of your friends to stay, but also keep the numbers of taxi companies nearby. Let your friends know that they can come and pick up their cars in the morning.

Cocktail party recipes

Betty’s party cocktail meatballs recipe

In this video, Betty makes her wonderful Party Cocktail Meatballs. These are little meatballs that are covered with a tangy sauce, and placed in a slow cooker until ready to serve with crackers. They’re great for game day!

More cocktail party tips

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