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Quick and yummy breakfast ideas


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but most of us grab something quick without thinking about sustenance or nutrition. Luckily, these breakfast tips and recipes will keep you full without taking up your time.

plate of pancakes

Weekend breakfast tips:

1Go for a sandwich

For a quick hot breakfast that is also filling, prepare a tasty sandwich or burrito. They’re easy, portable and great for everyone to enjoy. You can quickly scramble some eggs, cook up some bacon, pile them on an English muffin or tortilla and even grill it with some cheese for the perfect hot breakfast sandwich.

2Make oatmeal an option

While oatmeal is often considered boring just because it’s healthy, it can also be delicious, especially by adding fruit or nuts. Oatmeal can be filling on its own, but adding milk and slicing bananas or strawberries on top and then sprinkling with chopped nuts and cinnamon can give you the fuel you need for the day.

3Pancakes & waffles

Most people don’t have time to prepare waffles or pancakes from scratch, but making them with ingredients besides maple syrup and butter will make them seem homemade. One tasty twist is the peanut butter, banana and honey waffle sandwich — spread peanut butter on a waffle then add with honey and top with banana slices. You can also try falvoured butters on your pancakes and waffles or top them with items like coconut, cinnamon-sugar, honey, applesauce, fruit jams, cocoa powder, sour cream, caviar or Grand Marnier-flavoured whipped cream.

4Outstanding omelettes

Eggs are always a great option because they are so quick. You can scramble them, fry them over easy or create an omelette! They typically cook in 10 minutes or less. Omelettes are an especially great base for adding ingredients like cheese, meat, vegetables or fruit like apples or pears to bulk up your meal.

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