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15 Time-saving holiday slow cooker cocktails


SheKnows Editorial

Nothing gets me into the holiday spirit more than a cozy warm beverage — and a little booze never hurt either.

These cocktails are the perfect addition to your next holiday party. You can make them hours before your guests arrive, then focus on the rest of your prep. Best of all? They stay warm throughout the party, no hovering over a hot stove needed. You’ll have more time for mingling under the mistletoe — after all, it’s not a Christmas party without a little canoodling.

Creamy and dreamy cocktails

1. Boozy s’mores hot chocolate

Boozy s'mores hot chocolate

The best of childhood meets the best of adulthood in this irresistible boozy s’mores hot chocolate.

2. Slow cooker boozy vanilla latte

slow cooker boozy vanilla latte

How can you make that vanilla latte even better? Add some booze, of course!

3. Andes mint hot-chata

slow cooker andes mint hotchata

Photo credit: The Cookie Rookie

This minty, creamy slow cooker cocktail will get you in the Christmas spirit pronto.

4. Hot pumpkin pie cocktail

warm crock pot pumpkin pie cocktail

Photo credit: The Cookie Rookie

Why fuss with a hot oven and uncooperative dough when you could whip up this Crock-Pot pumpkin pie cocktail instead?

5. Slow cooker hot buttered rum

slow cooker hot buttered rum

Photo credit: Get Crocked

This classic cold weather treat is super easy thanks to your slow cooker.

6. Boozy peppermint slow cooker hot chocolate

peppermint boozy slow cooker hot chocolate

Photo credit: Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

Mint and chocolate are classics for a reason, and the slow cooker makes this recipe a cinch to put together.

Cozy ciders

7. Slow cooker mulled spiced cider recipe

crock pot mulled cider

Is there anything more cozy than hot cider? Well, yeah — hot cider with booze in it!

8. Crock-Pot pumpkin pie moonshine

crock pot pumpkin pie moonshine

Photo credit: Crock Pot Ladies

Pumpkin-y and hot, this slow cooker moonshine will warm you up in more ways than one.

9. Slow cooker hot apple martinis

Hot apple martini

Photo credit: Get Crocked

How do you make a Crock-Pot cocktail extra classy? Serve it in martini glasses, of course!

10. Starbucks knock-off caramel apple spiced cider

starbucks caramel spiced cider copycat recipe

Photo credit: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

You can save your hard-earned cash and make this Starbucks favorite at home! Caramel and spice perfectly complement this apple cider cocktail, and no one will tell if you add some spiced rum to it.

Warmed wines

11. Strawberry-orange mulled wine

mulled slow cooker strawberry orange wine

If you’re looking for a holiday beverage that’s not too heavy, this refreshing strawberry-orange mulled wine could just be your new favorite.

12. Slow cooker cranberry-orange mulled wine

slow cooker cranberry orange mulled wine

Photo credit: Kitchen Treaty

Cranberry-orange mulled wine makes the most out of holiday season fruit. Nice try, fruit salad.

13. Mulled riesling punch Crock-Pot recipe

mulled riesling punch

Photo credit: The Crock Pot Recipe

This unique mulled riesling punch is just the ticket for holiday partygoers who aren’t into red wine.

Other hot drinks

14. Rye and ginger hot toddy

rye and ginger hot toddy

Photo credit: The Kitchn

Rye whiskey and spicy ginger pack this Hot Toddy with quite the punch.

15. Crock-Pot Irish cream coffee

crock pot irish cream coffee

Photo credit: Crock Pot Ladies

Mmm. Your house will smell amazing while this Irish cream coffee simmers away in your slow cooker.

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