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21 Vegetarian Christmas recipes that will wow your guests


Here are some of our favorite vegetarian and vegan meals to serve up
for all the meat-free and dairy-free friends and loved ones at your
holiday dinner table.

1. Baked “ham” — 3 recipes

vegetarian ham christmas recipe


Don’t miss out on a traditional Christmas ham! From, you can try three vegan ham recipes, including apricot-glazed, herb-crusted and “bacon”-wrapped.

2. Meat-free glazed Christmas “ham” recipe

Meat-free Christmas Glazed Ham

Image: Vegetarian Delights

For another take on vegetarian ham, this recipe includes honey mustard, parsley, pineapple slices and traditional cranberry sauce.

3. Gluten- and meat-free apricot and hazelnut “minced meat” pie recipe

Apricot & hazelnut mince pies

Image: BBC Good Food

Despite the name, this recipe for the holiday classic, minced meat pie, is completely meat-free.

4. Seitan “turkey” roast recipe

Seitan "Turkey" Roast vegetarian

Image: My Vegan Cookbook

Get your carving knife ready: This seitan-based vegan “turkey” recipe contains a sizable 15 grams of protein and a paltry 121 calories a slice, which means more room for stuffing and potatoes for you and your guests.

5. Apricot and hazelnut stuffing recipe

Apricot & hazelnut stuffing

Image: BBC Good Food

More than just stuffing, this apricot and hazelnut stuffing recipe will yield breaded balls of fruity, nutty goodness!

6. Gluten-free quinoa stuffing recipe


Image: In Sonnet’s Kitchen

Tired of the same old stuffing? Try this quinoa-based stuffing recipe for a new taste this Christmas.

7. Vegan mushroom gravy recipe

vegan mushroom gravy

Image: Chow

Vegetarians, it’s all gravy. Thanks to this porcini and cremini mushroom-based recipe, you’ll never have to skip dowsing your taters, stuffing, biscuits or whatever else you’re having with gravy.

8. Quinoa with cauliflower, cranberries and nuts recipe

Quinoa with Cauliflower, Cranberries, and Nuts

Image: VegKitchen

Decorate your holiday dinner table with this red and green veggie-loaded pilaf.

9. Vegetarian zucchini quiche recipe

Vegetarian Zucchini Quiche

The colors of the holiday come to life in this vegetarian zucchini quiche that’ll take less than an hour to make.

10. Gourmet mashed potato recipes

Gourmet mashed potatoes

Show off your culinary prowess when you whip up one of these decadent gourmet mashed potato dishes with ease.

11. Slow-roasted “pork” with coconut-curry sauce recipe

Slow Roasted Pork with Coconut Curry Sauce vegetarian

Image: The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado

For a main course with a little kick, try out this slow-roasted vegetarian “pork” with coconut-curry sauce, corn tortillas and fresh tomato salsa over basmati rice.

12. White bean and sun-dried tomato pâté recipe

White Bean and Sun-Dried Tomato Pâté

Image: VegKitchen

With this white bean-based dip, vegetarians can have their pâté and eat it too. This recipe’s a great way to get some extra protein into what may otherwise become a very carbalicious Christmas dinner.

13. Sweet potato casserole with a crunchy nut crumble recipe

sweet Potato Casserole with a Crunchy Nut Crumble (Vegan + GF)

Image: Oh She Glows

Sweet potatoes, maple, cinnamon, nutmeg and pecans… These are a few of our favorite holiday eats, combined to perfection for a vegan and gluten-free sweet potato casserole that’s sure to knock your festive socks off.

14. Savory potato gratin with rosemary crust recipe

Savory potato gratin with rosemary crust recipe

Craving a savory pie? For your Christmastime comfort food fix, try our potato gratin with a rosemary crust recipe.

15. Smoky and spicy nut, sesame and coconut “bacon” bar nuts recipe

Smoky & Spicy Nut, Sesame, and Coconut ‘Bacon’ Bar Nuts

Image: Oh She Glows

Our gift to you this holiday season: a filling snack that packs the flavor of bacon (without including meat) and coconut and takes less than half an hour to make.

16. 5-Minute vegan hot cocoa recipe

vegan hot cocoa recipe

Image: Minimalist Baker

The presents have been opened, and everyone’s feeling pleasantly satisfied, but there’s just a little room for something sweet. In less time than it takes you to remember all the words to “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” you can prepare and serve steaming vegan hot cocoa and find a fire to curl up next to.

17. Vegan eggnog recipe

vegan eggnog

Image: The Roasted Root

The secret of the perfect holiday drink, vegan eggnog, is found in this cashew and coconut milk combo.

18. Chocolate-almond bûche de Noël recipe

Chocolate-Almond Bûche de Noël

Image: Vegetarian Times

This French favorite will become the sweet, delectable centerpiece at your holiday table. Learn how to prepare a Yule log dessert this Christmas.

19. Vegan double chocolate fudge recipe

vegan fudge


Double chocolate and vegan? A very merry Christmas indeed! All your guests will be jolly when they try your vegan fudge.

20. Dark chocolate-peppermint truffles recipe

dark chocolate peppermint truffles vegan

Image: Free People Blog

Top off your healthy vegetarian or vegan Christmas meal with a bite-size indulgence: vegan and gluten-free dark chocolate-peppermint truffles. Guilt not included.

21. Macadamia nut cheese recipe

macadamia nut cheese

Every holiday table needs a cheese ball, right? For a vegan alternative, this macadamia nut cheese is the perfect option.

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