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The $35,000 Thanksgiving dinner of your dreams (VIDEO)

Sometimes it seems like people have too much money to spend when it comes to the holidays. This is one of those times…


OK, real talk: You tell me I will be indulging in a $35,000 Thanksgiving dinner, and my reaction will be something like this: 

shocked GIF
GIF credit: Giphy

Now don’t get me wrong — I am in no way opposed to someone treating me to a $35,000 dinner, but there is no reason in the world a turkey dinner needs to cost anywhere north of, say, $25. Hell, our family meal for 12 costs only a couple of hundred, and we don’t exactly mail it in.

But if you have an influx of cash and are so inclined, Old Homestead Steakhouse in New York City is happy to take your money in exchange for a Thanksgiving meal full of food world buzzwords. Yes, you can count on the wagyu beef and the caviar, but there’s another benefit that just might be priceless to those younger members of the family who happen to be taken by large-balloon spectacles. And no, I’m not talking about a scary clown making “things” out of latex. Shudder.

clown making balloon animals
Photo credit: bikephotomusic/Flickr

On that note, happy Thanksgiving! I hope your meal is as tasty as this $35,000 extravaganza.

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