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17 Thanksgiving leftovers recipes that will send you back to the kitchen

After gorging on the three major Thanksgiving food groups (which are obviously mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey), you might want to change things up when you eat the leftovers. (Or maybe you just want to eat a plate of exactly the same meal. That’s OK too.) But for those of you looking to give your Turkey Day leftovers a little makeover, these mouthwatering choices should give you plenty of inspiration.

Give leftover turkey an ethnic spin:

1. Turkey cranchiladas recipe

turkey cranchiladas

Bet you never had turkey and cranberry sauce like this before. Plus, turkey cranchiladas is just an awesome name for a dish.

2. Shredded turkey taquitos recipe

turkey taquitos

Chicken is so last month. Use turkey to make seasonal taquitos.

3. Turkey and stuffing summer rolls with Thai sweet chili sauce recipe

turkey summer rolls

These turkey and stuffing summer rolls are the ultimate lightened-up Thanksgiving leftovers dish.

4. Turkey and stuffing wontons with cranberry dipping sauce recipe

turkey wontons

How to make turkey better: Deep-fry it in crispy wonton skins.

Or add it to a hearty, comforting bowl:

5. Turkey curry recipe

turkey curry

A little Indian flavor gives a whole new life to your turkey.

6. Turkey and cheese chowder recipe

turkey cheese chowder

Since you probably didn’t consume enough calories on Thanksgiving, the only logical thing to do is to make super-cheesy turkey chowder.

7. One-pot leftover turkey soup recipe

turkey soup

For those of you looking for a slightly less cheesy and caloric option, turkey and wild rice soup is the perfect choice.

Better yet, pile it high on a sandwich:

8. Turkey dip recipe

turkey dip sandwich

When you have the opportunity to make a recipe that calls for a bowl of gravy as the dipping sauce, you take it.

9. Turkey Reubens recipe

turkey reubens

The classic Reuben, with all its delicious Russian dressing and tangy slaw, gets a delightful Thanksgiving makeover.

10. Turkey-mashed potato breakfast sandwiches recipe

turkey breakfast sandwich

The morning after Thanksgiving never looked so good. #PutAnEggOnIt, and everything is better.

Use up a little bit of everything in these dishes:

11. Leftover turkey shepherd’s pie recipe

turkey shepherd's pie

Because if you want to make comfort food even better, then you put it into individual dishes and top it with mashed potatoes.

12. Thanksgiving leftovers pizza recipe

thanksgiving leftovers pizza

You can throw pretty much anything onto this Thanksgiving leftovers pizza. I mean, pizza is never bad, amirite?

13. Mini sausage stuffing turkey burgers recipe

turkey stuffing sliders

Turkey and stuffing turned slider, with cranberry sauce spread, of course.

Don’t forget the leftover sides and sauces:

14. Cranberry Dutch baby recipe

cranberry dutch baby

This cranberry Dutch baby is the best argument against canned cranberry sauce ever.

15. Brussels sprouts and cranberry grilled cheese recipe

brussels sprouts cranberry grilled cheese

A grilled cheese sandwich just might be the way to get me to eat Brussels sprouts.

16. Leftover sweet potato and bacon frittata recipe

leftover sweet potato frittata

After all that cooking, a breakfast that comes together in minutes is the perfect choice for Friday morning.

17. Savory sweet potato-goat cheese grits recipe

sweet potato grits

I might make extra sweet potatoes just for these cheesy grits. Mmm.

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