These 10 Christmas baking fails ruined someone else’s holidays

Christmas is all about the baked goods, but sometimes even the most well-meaning attempts fall flat. Sometimes literally.

From collapsed gingerbread houses to ever-expanding cookies, there’s a lot that can go wrong. So, if your biggest baking snafu this Christmas is that you didn’t make enough icing — well, considering the heinous creations that can be made with that icing, you might want to consider yourself lucky.

1. This must have been meant for Halloween

This horrifying snowman zombie, decked out with a military beret and gummy candy bandolier, is the stuff of Halloween nightmares, not Christmas magic. Those visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? Yeah, they’re next on his list.

2. It’s not Christmas without a tree

These treats are the equivalent of driving over your decorated Christmas tree one or two times in a semi before dragging it through the mud and snow on the way back into the house. In other words, they ruin Christmas.

3. Let it snow

More proof that every single snowflake is unique. Some are just prettier than others.

4. No Christmas tree this year

Turns out deforestation is a problem in the kitchen, too.

5. You’re def getting coal in your stocking

If you leave Santa a loaf of coal instead of cookies, you’d better believe that’s what he’s stuffing in your stocking (after stealing your secret stash of Oreo cookies, of course).

6. It’s the thought that counts

When you see the disappointed look on your kid’s face after serving up the monstrosity on the right, just remind yourself… at least you tried.

7. Hide the sleigh

I don’t know what Santa put in his reindeers’ feedbags, but I’m pretty sure whatever it was has started to ferment.

8. Bringin’ down the house

Why someone decided that bakers could also be architects is truly beyond me.

9. Hint hint, nudge nudge, Santa

I didn’t know snowmen (or cookies) could so accurately represent the cause and effect of excess sugar consumption — but is that reality something Santa really wants to be confronted with on his longest night of the year?

10. They’re totally just candy canes

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Yep. These don’t bear a passing resemblance to anything else at all. They’re definitely just candy canes…

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