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What to eat to avoid getting sick (VIDEO)

It happens every year. First your co-worker has a little cough, then your husband is sneezing and sniffling, and pretty soon you’re guzzling NyQuil, on your third box of tissues and could easily fill in for Rudolph. Cold season is officially here.


Since sequestering yourself in a germ-free bubble all winter probably isn’t an option, there are some practical things you can do to try to keep the dreaded cold away. And since we’re all stuffing our faces at this time of the year anyway, it fits easily into the routine. Just make sure you’re stuffing your face with the right foods.

I know, I know… Fudge and pie and peppermint mochas taste really good, but they won’t do much for your cold. (Sorry to be the holiday buzzkill.) What will help are immunity-boosting nutrients and cold-busting antioxidants. Find out which foods you should be reaching for, and kick that tissue box to the curb.

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