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Baking the perfect pie shell is easier than you think (VIDEO)

If you, like me, liken the art of baking to having magical powers, then you should probably just go out and buy a pie.


Because I really want my baking experiences to be like this:

Snow White baking GIF
GIF credit: Giphy

But instead, they’re more like this:

kitchen fail GIF
GIF credit: Giphy

Don’t let me scare you, though… Perhaps you haven’t reached that point in your baking journey yet. Maybe you haven’t angrily thrown balls of dough into the garbage and then sat down in the middle of your flour-covered kitchen and cried. And maybe you still hold out hope that you will someday produce the loveliest from-scratch dessert in all the land. If that’s you, bravo. Take these tips (they really do make it look easy), and go bake the perfect pie shell. You deserve a medal.

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