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Here’s How to Carve Your Turkey to Actually Make It Juicier



Roasting a turkey and whipping up masterfully prepared sides in tandem is no walk in the park — but, hate to break it to you, it’s not even really the hardest part of pulling off Thanksgiving dinner. You can set the table to look like a damn Norman Rockwell painting, but if you carve the turkey wrong, you can blow it all. Harsh, but true.

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The good news is that the juiciest turkey breast ever is within reach, and it’s no more difficult than carving it the “usual” way. Watch how it’s done, carve that turkey like a boss, and bask in the glory of the most mouthwatering meat ever.

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If you haven’t been carving your turkey like this, then you’ve been doing it wrong — all wrong.

Originally published November 2014. Updated November 2017.

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