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21 Holiday fudge recipes to give as edible gifts


If you’ve never made fudge before, then you’re missing out. It’s one of the easiest candies to make, and everyone has a favorite flavor. So treat your friends and family to some sweet, homemade, edible gifts this season.

The best thing about fudge is that you can make it in almost any flavor combination you can dream up, and today we’re proving it with a list of sweet fudge recipes from around the internet.

1. Creamy lemon fudge recipe

lemon citrus fudge

Blog: Chocolate Moosey

We’re loving this tart and sweet, creamy lemon fudge, the ideal candy recipe for the winter citrus produce all around.

2. Reese’s fudge recipe

reese's fudge

Blog: Something Swanky

If you have some peanut butter and chocolate lovers in the house, then this Reese’s fudge is just the right treat.

3. Christmas-beer fudge recipe

beer fudge

Have any leftover beer in the fridge? Make this Christmas-beer fudge as a special treat.

4. Cinnamon fudge recipe

cinnamon spice fudge

Blog: Recipe Girl

Spice things up a bit with this cinnamon fudge recipe.

5. Chocolate-cheese fudge recipe

cheese chocolate fudge

Cheese and chocolate? Don’t knock it until you try this chocolate-cheese fudge recipe.

6. Loaded peanut butter-chocolate-covered potato chip fudge recipe

potato chip fudge

Blog: Half Baked Harvest

This loaded peanut butter-chocolate-covered potato chip fudge is a mouthful, both as a recipe name and as a recipe itself, but the sweet-salty combination will have you taking entire mouthfuls of this delicious fudge.

7. Easy pumpkin pie swirl fudge recipe

pumpkin pie fudge

Not only is this easy pumpkin pie swirl fudge delicious, but it’s gorgeous as well with its swirl pattern on top.

8. Caramel-apple pie fudge recipe

caramel apple pie fudge

Blog: Very Culinary

This caramel-apple pie fudge recipe turns our favorite seasonal pie into a one-bite treat.

9. Black bean fudge recipe

black bean fudge

Fudge doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and this black bean fudge recipe proves it.

10. S’mores fudge recipe

marshmallow graham cracker fudge

Blog: Love from the Oven

This recipe for s’mores fudge is packed with graham crackers and miniature marshmallows — what a delicious idea!

11. Potato chip and salted caramel fudge recipe

potato chip fudge

Give in to your salt cravings with this sweet and salty recipe for potato chip and salted caramel fudge.

12. Salted rocky road fudge recipe

salted almond fudge

Blog: Always Order Dessert

For those nut lovers, this salted rocky road fudge is packed with almonds, making it an almost healthy snack idea.

13. Irish coffee cream fudge recipe

irish cream coffee fudge

Irish coffee cream fudge — a great accompaniment to your cocktails and coffee hours.

14. Gingerbread Twix fudge recipe

twix caramel gingerbread fudge

Blog: Back for Seconds

We’re loving the addition of candy bars to fudge, like in this gingerbread Twix fudge recipe.

15. Eggnog elf fudge recipe

eggnog fudge

Get into the holiday spirit by adding eggnog to your fudge recipe to make this eggnog elf fudge. The kids will love this colorful fudge.

16. Two-ingredient strawberry fudge recipe

berry fudge

Blog: Raining Hot Coupons

This two-ingredient strawberry fudge is the easiest recipe you’ll find — and one of the most delicious.

17. Neon “love” fudge recipe

neon colored fudge

Tell your loved ones how much you love them with this neon “love” fudge — it’s so colorful.

18. Dominican milk fudge squares recipe

dulce de leche fudge

Blog: Dominican Cooking

Dominican milk fudge squares are simple to make and delicious when topped with tropical jams and jellies.

19. Salted pumpkin fudge recipe

pumpkin fudge

Blog: Pizzazzerie

With squash season taking over starting September, this salted pumpkin fudge will become a family tradition. Plus the salt adds a great splash of flavor.

20. Velveeta fudge recipe

cheese fudge

Blog: Dessert for Two

Stop thinking cheese is weird in fudge! This Velveeta fudge doesn’t even taste like cheese but more like an amazing salty-sweet combination of flavors in your mouth.

21. Key lime fudge recipe

lime citrus fudge

Blog: Recipe Girl

This Key lime fudge has a great balance of tartness and sweetness — a fantastic way to end a holiday meal.

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