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Teens take to Twitter with #ThanksMichelleObama to protest school lunches

Michelle Obama has become famous — or infamous, to some students — for supporting new USDA regulations that were intended to make school lunches healthier.

But the outcome hasn’t been the cornucopia of fresh, healthy foods in each cafeteria that the first lady probably imagined. Instead, schools have been left to juggle minuscule budgets with subpar ingredients to try to create lunches that fit the dietary requirements for each meal while satisfying the students. Unfortunately, at many schools, this balancing act has been impossible to achieve.

1. Nachos with cheese
I guess corn is healthy? And cheese has protein… or something.

2. All starches
Potatoes and beans don’t exactly seem like a balanced meal. Where are the fruits and veggies?

3. Spanish “rice”

The apple makes it healthy. Totally.

4. Literally just mystery junk food

I have no idea what any of these foods are, but other than the green color of the slushie, nothing about this looks even remotely healthy.

5. A bowl of ??

Beige glop does a growing body good.

6. Basically McDonald’s

Ketchup has tomatoes, so it’s healthy, right?

7. There’s macaroni and there’s cheese, but that doesn’t mean anything.
Totally yummy — can’t imagine why kids are complaining. (sarcasm)

But some people say the issue isn’t the new regulations; it’s how schools are implementing them.

And there are a couple of kids who genuinely like the meals at their school, which seems to reinforce the thought that maybe it’s not the legislation that’s the cause of lackluster meals, but the implementation.

It will be interesting to see if any of the higher-ups will listen to these kids, who are clearly dissatisfied and aren’t afraid to speak up. After looking at these pictures, it’s obvious something needs to change.

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