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8 Roasted poultry recipes from classic to gourmet


There are many ways to cook poultry, but we prefer it roasted. It’s easier than you think to achieve tender, juicy meat, wrapped in perfectly crisped skin, and we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to do it.

1. Roasted chicken

This roasted chicken recipe is as basic as it gets, but its simplicity is what makes it so delicious. Without tons of special flavors and sauces, it goes with anything.

2. Herb-roasted turkey legs

There’s no need to roast an entire turkey if you’re serving a small crowd. Instead, try roasting just the legs.

3. Asian-inspired roast chicken

It’s easy to get in a rut with chicken dishes, but this dish will help you solve that problem. Soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and honey make this like no other roasted chicken you’ve ever tasted.

4. Crispy roasted chicken with mango and lemon

Enjoy a taste of summer all year ’round with this dish, made with just one pot.

5. Roasted glazed Cornish game hen

Don’t be intimidated by this dish! Cornish game hens are simple to prepare, and packed full of flavor. Serve up these cute little birds the next time it’s your turn to host.

6. Roast duck with herb-infused compound butter

Duck has a bad rap, mainly because no one knows what to do with it. No worries. We’ve got a recipe for roasting it, as well as some fantastic suggestions for what to do with the leftovers.

7. One-pan roast chicken with root vegetables

You can create this versatile dish with whatever veggies happen to have on hand. No special trips to the grocery store needed.

8. Curry-roasted chicken

If you never cooked with curry, this is your chance to experiment with some Middle Eastern flavor.

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