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Our 17 favorite Thanksgiving recipes of 2014

This Thanksgiving, add a few of our favorite new recipes to your spread. From savory sides to delicious desserts, we’ve got plenty of mouthwatering inspiration.

We don’t think Thanksgiving has to turn into a weeklong cooking project that wears both you and your wallet out. All these dishes are easy to make but totally impressive and definitely delicious. Now all you need is the turkey. For a little extra help with the bird, check out our 20 genius turkey-cooking tips, and you’ll have the dinner of your dreams.

Savory sides

1. Sweet potato gratin recipe

sweet potato gratin

A decadent, cheesy, sweet potato gratin always has a place on the holiday table.

2. Everything bagel stuffing recipe

everything bagel stuffing

Switch things up with your stuffing by using everything bagels. Then eat the leftovers in the morning, because sausage bagel stuffing is the best breakfast ever.

3. Herbed turnip mash recipe

herbed turnip mash

It’s hard to resist a big scoop of extra-buttery mashed potatoes, but your waistline might thank you if you dive into a bowl of mashed turnips instead.

4. Vegan parsnip-butternut squash soup recipe

vegan parsnip soup

Vegan guests will be thrilled with a bowl of this hearty parsnip-butternut squash soup. And bonus, it’s super simple to make.

5. Muffin tin potato gratins recipe

muffin tin potato gratins

This deliciously cheesy recipe makes 12 muffin tin potato gratins… but what is everyone else going to eat?

6. Cheesy corn casserole recipe

corn casserole

Remember the sad bowl of corn you used to see on Thanksgiving tables? Forget everything you ever thought about creamed corn, and make this cheesy roasted garlic corn casserole instead.

7. Cauliflower-broccoli mash recipe

cauliflower-broccoli mash

Another tasty mashed potato alternative: cauliflower-broccoli mash.

8. Cauliflower kale-stuffed mushrooms recipe

cauliflower-kale stuffed mushrooms

A tasty side dish or predinner bite, these healthier stuffed mushrooms make you feel better about gorging on turkey and pumpkin pie.

9. Gluten-free turkey gravy recipe


Keep your gluten-free guests in mind when you make gravy this year.

Fun snacks

10. DIY fruit-filled cornucopias recipe

fruit-filled cornucopias

Make fun DIY cornucopias for festive place settings and a healthy snack.

11. Mini turkey-shaped cheese balls recipe

turkey-shaped cheese balls

Cheese balls are a holiday tradition, but these mini turkey-shaped bites are the cutest ever.

12. Whole-wheat pumpkin muffin turkeys recipe

turkey pumpkin muffins

Sneak some healthy ingredients into these whole-wheat pumpkin muffins decorated like turkeys. The kids will gobble them up.

13. Chicken salad Pilgrim hats recipe

chicken salad pilgrim hats

These chicken salad Pilgrim hats are perfect midday snacks for the little ones and just the right size for tiny fingers.

Sweet treats

14. Thanksgiving scarecrow cupcakes recipe

Thanksgiving scarecrow cake

Skip the pumpkin pie, and go untraditional with the cutest scarecrow cupcake cake ever.

15. Pumpkin spice poke cake recipe

pumpkin spice poke cake

‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin. Change things up with a fall take on the classic poke cake.

16. Turkey pudding cups recipe

turkey pudding cups

What kid (or adult, for that matter) wouldn’t love to dig into these adorable turkey pudding cups decorated with cookies and candy?

Adult beverages

17. Bourbon-cranberry cocktail recipe

bourbon cranberry cocktail

Every family gathering needs a good, strong cocktail, right? Save a few cranberries from the sauce, and make a big batch of this festive bourbon drink.

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