What your coffee choice says about you

For some of us, it seems like our morning cup of joe signals nothing to the world other than “Me tired… need caffeine!” But as this handy chart proves, the type of coffee you drink can actually say a lot about you, even as your moods change day to day.

Most of the time I’m a coffee-to-go type girl. “You’re serious and focused. You believe when the going gets tough, the tough get cardboard sleeves because the cup’s too hot.” But come payday, cheat day or my birthday, I’m all about the Frappuccino. “You’re happy and energetic. You claim to love coffee, but really, you just love ice cream.” Sounds about right! And other times I’m just trying to stay alive with a triple espresso. “You’re enthusiastic but obsessive. You’ve been awake since the late ’90s.” Yeah, it’s been a long few decades!

Find out what your coffee choice really says about you. But whatever kind of mood you’re in, don’t pronounce it “expresso”!

what your coffee says about you infographic

Photo credit: Imgur

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