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These 10 horrifying Pinterest fails will fuel your nightmares


SheKnows Editorial

Apparently Pinterest DIY is actually slang for “summoning murderous demons”.

The important lesson to be learned from these nightmare-inducing Pinterest fails is that you shouldn’t do something just because Pinterest tells you to.

It’s like a Ouija board — on Pinterest, you never know who you’re getting your ideas from, so it’s best to turn off your computer monitor and back away slowly before you or someone you love gets hurt.

1. The not-scary scary jack-o’-lantern

Jack-o’-lanterns = scary. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = not scary. This failed attempt at a TMNT jack-o’-lantern? F***ing horrifying.

2. Souless teddy bear cookies

It turns out that anything with holes instead of eyes is too creepy to be allowed. These are supposed to be teddy bears holding onto an almond (wut?), but really, they look more like the world’s most sorrowful ghouls.

3. No no no!

terrifying pinterest fail sleepy bear omelet

Photo credit: Pinterest Fail

Do not want. If I was ever served this for breakfast, I would be convinced I had never woken up from the previous evening’s nightmare.

4. Umm…

These doughy faces spewing their cheesy innards will flash into my mind every time I go to eat a dinner roll. So thanks for ruining that, Pinterest.

5. Nothing like a hot cup of guts in the morning

Red velvet mug cake, or overflowing cup of viscera? Either way, this one has burned itself into my mind.

6. Haunted monkey pancakes

This pancake seriously looks like a demonic organ grinder monkey. I would be terrified to have this thing anywhere near my kitchen.

7. Demon apples

I’m not 100 percent sure what was done to these apples, but I am 100 percent sure that in their downtime, they can be found roaming the streets of hell.

8. Demonic hedgehog

OK, when you start with something that already has terrifying red eyes and then give it massive teeth and what looks like a terrible skin disease, you’re basically offering it a starring role in your nightmares.

9. The true nightmare before Christmas

santa bread fail

Photo credit: Imgur

Who knew the thought of Santa coming down your chimney would someday inspire you to sleep with a baseball bat next to the bed, just in case?

10. Justin Bieber face-off

Photo credit: Imgur

I will never not think that this is the scariest thing on the internet.

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