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21 Candy cane-loaded recipes to get your peppermint on


Candy canes start popping up right after Thanksgiving and somehow appear on our kitchen counters, whether or not we remember buying them (how did those get here?).

We’re exploring new ways to use up these candy canes instead of just eating them as is. These recipes are a great way to get kids and teenagers involved in the kitchen.

1. Candy cane kiss brownies recipe

candy cane brownies

Blog: Chocolate Moosey

Chocolate and candy canes come together to make these delicious candy cane kiss brownies a part of your holiday baking.

2. Festive chocolate-dipped Oreo sandwich cookie recipe

chocolate oreos

These festive chocolate-dipped Oreo sandwich cookies are a fun project for young children.

3. Candy cane cocktail with homemade candy cane-infused vodka recipe

candy cane cocktail

Blog: Boulder Locavore

Adults are also allowed to have a little candy cane fun. Try making this candy cane cocktail with homemade candy cane-infused vodka.

4. Homemade peppermint hot chocolate mix recipe

peppermint hot cocoa

Stop buying the store-bought stuff, and make this homemade peppermint hot chocolate mix, the perfect hostess gift idea.

5. Candy cane crunch milkshake recipe

candy cane shake

Blog: I Wash… You Dry

Wake up the kiddos on Christmas morning with tall glasses of this candy cane crunch milkshake.

6. Boozy peppermint eggnog latte recipe

boozy eggnog peppermint

We’re loving this boozy peppermint eggnog latte — get your holiday drink and caffeine fix all in one.

7. Candy cane crunch Krispies Treats recipe

candy cane rice kris pies treats

Blog: Picky Palate

A family favorite, these candy cane crunch Krispies Treats are a fun snow day project with the kids.

8. Candy cane-Oreo truffles recipe

oreo truffles

A tasty two-bite treat, these candy cane-Oreo truffles make a great edible gift idea for teachers.

9. Candy cane fudge recipe

candy cane fudge

Blog: Recipe Girl

Who doesn’t love a good fudge recipe? This candy cane fudge is a great alternative to chocolate fudge.

10. Peppermint stick frozen yogurt recipe

peppermint yogurt

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that craves frozen yogurt during the winter, then be sure to make this peppermint stick frozen yogurt to cool down.

11. Double chocolate candy cane cookies recipe

chocolate candy cane cookies

Blog: Love from the Oven

The technique of smashing the candy canes until pulverized and using the “candy cane sugar” as added flavor is ingenious in these double chocolate candy cane cookies.

12. Peppermint meringues recipe

peppermint meringues

Light as air, these peppermint meringues are perfect after a heavy holiday dinner, when all you want is a bite of sweetness.

13. Chocolate-stout candy cane cake recipe

chocolate beer cake

Blog: The Beeroness

Beer isn’t just for drinking, so grab a slice of this chocolate-stout candy cane cake, and pair it with your favorite holiday beer.

14. Peppermint-white chocolate soufflé recipe

souffle chocolate

Light and airy, soufflés love to make an appearance at the holiday table, and this peppermint-white chocolate soufflé doesn’t want to be left behind.

15. Striped candy cane white hot chocolate recipe

candy cane hot chocolate

Blog: Always Order Dessert

Sip on a glass of this striped candy cane white hot chocolate on those snow days when you can work from home.

16. Chocolate martini with crushed peppermint rim recipe

chocolate cocktail

Is it 5 o’clock yet? We’re cheering with this chocolate martini with a crushed peppermint rim.

17. Candy cane toffee recipe

candy cane toffee

Blog: The View from Great Island

Looking for edible gift ideas? This candy cane toffee is perfect for gifting this holiday season.

18. Peppermint ice cream and eggnog float recipe

eggnog float

A fun take on dessert, this peppermint ice cream and eggnog float is a tasty recipe to slurp at the end of a meal.

19. Peppermint candy cane Bundt cake recipe

candy cane pink bundt

Blog: Crunchy Creamy Sweet

We’re loving the gorgeous colors in this peppermint candy cane Bundt cake.

20. Chocolate-candy cane smoothie recipe

chocolate smoothie

Blog: Always Order Dessert

The sweetness of this chocolate-candy cane smoothie comes naturally from dates, so it’s definitely a healthy smoothie.

21. Candy cane-Oreo cookie balls recipe

oreo cookie balls

Blog: Pizzazzerie

Serve these up alongside your traditional pies and holiday desserts, and watch these candy cane-Oreo cookie balls be devoured.

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