Our 25 most-pinned Thanksgiving recipes, ever!

Nov 24, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. ET

Clueless about what to cook for your Thanksgiving feast? Then check out our most Pinterest-popular Thanksgiving recipes.

We've got appetizers like baked Brie and sweet potato pumpkin bites, cocktails warm and cool, decadent sides like classic mashed potatoes and caramelized butternut squash with bacon and, of course, dessert. Take a look at the recipes below. I'll be seriously surprised if you can wait until Thanksgiving to try these out.


1. Autumn baked Brie wrapped in puff pastry recipe

autumn baked brie

A cheese course is one way to start your meal, but watch out — this decadent baked Brie with apricot, balsamic vinegar and orange zest just might overshadow the turkey.

2. Pumpkin pie cheese appetizer recipes

pumpkin cheese bites

These cheese slices that look like pumpkin pie take the prize for cutest appetizer ever.

3. Spicy sweet potato pumpkin bites recipe

spicy sweet potato bites

With cheese, sweet potato, bacon and crabmeat, these bite-sized treats are an irresistible app.

4. Delicious pumpkin empanadas recipe

pumpkin empanadas

If you're planning a big appetizer spread, then make a smaller version of these pumpkin empanadas to add just a little sweet to your savory treats.

5. Warm, wonderful autumn cocktail recipes

chocolate martini

For your guests or while you cook, these autumn cocktails are the perfect start to your Thanksgiving Day festivities.

6. 3 Low-fat holiday appetizer recipes

healthy thanksgiving appetizers

You know you'll be indulging all day long, so include some of these low-fat appetizers on your menu to help even things out.

Side dishes

7. 3 New Thanksgiving vegetable side dish recipes

modern vegetable side dishes

If you're tired of the same old mashed potatoes and gravy, then check out these modern Thanksgiving side dishes.

8. Holiday Brussels sprouts recipe

holiday brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are totally en vogue right now (don't tell kale!), and this vegan recipe makes the most of them.

9. Savory ground turkey and mushroom rice recipe

creamy mushroom ground turkey rice

This creamy rice makes the perfect side dish, and the addition of ground turkey keeps it whimsically on theme.

10. Caramelized butternut squash with bacon recipe

caramelized butternut with bacon

Sweet, smoky and salty, this festive dish will please even the pickiest of eaters.

11. Ultimate creamy mashed potatoes recipe

ultimate creamy mashed potatoes

Make the most of a holiday classic with these creamy, dreamy mashed potatoes.

12. Healthy Thanksgiving side dish recipes

glazed sweet potatoes

These dishes are on the light side without sacrificing flavor, so you can feel good about indulging.

Main courses

13. The perfect portions: Thanksgiving dinner-for-two recipes

thanksgiving dinner for two

These recipes pack all the flavors of Thanksgiving into a perfectly portioned meal for two — no 18-pound turkey needed.

14. Recipes for a vegan Thanksgiving

maple roasted potatoes vegan thanksgiving

Put a smile on your vegan or vegetarian loved ones' faces by cooking them some special Thanksgiving food — pie included!

15. The ultimate Thanksgivukkah menu

thankgivukkah recipes

If you find yourself wishing every year was a Thanksgivukkah year, then these recipes combine the best of both holidays into one feast.

16. The perfect Thanksgiving meal

the perfect thanksgiving meal

These enticing recipes will ensure you have the tastiest Thanksgiving feast of all time.

17. The perfect after-Thanksgiving dish recipe

thanksgiving leftovers casserole

Overwhelmed by leftovers? This simple casserole uses turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, so you can clear out your fridge faster than ever while still getting dinner on the table.


18. 3 Non-pie Thanksgiving pumpkin dessert recipes

thanksgiving desserts that aren't pie

Photo credit: Demansia/E+/Getty Images

It may be hard to believe, but some folks just don't like pie. Tickle their taste buds anyhow with these Thanksgiving desserts that have nothing to do with pie.

19. Peekaboo pumpkin pound cake recipe

peekaboo pumpkin pound cake

People will be seriously impressed with your culinary talents when you cut into this peekaboo pound cake.

20. Thanksgiving dessert cocktail recipes

thanksgiving cocktails

These elegant dessert cocktails will help you end your feast in style.

21. Slow cooker pumpkin pie recipe

slow cooker crock pot pumpkin pie

This slow cooker pumpkin pie is perfect if your oven is already booked — or if you just hate baking.

22. 3 Whole-wheat pumpkin dessert recipes

whole wheat pumpkin desserts cookies

These spiced and sweet pumpkin desserts use whole-wheat flour for a healthful kick.

23. How to make a braided pie crust

how to braid pie crust

You'll have the prettiest pies in town when you use this technique to jazz up your crusts.

24. Caramel apple pie recipe

caramel apple pie

Caramel apples are amazing. Pie is amazing. But together? Together, they're out-of-this-world amazing.

25. Gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake recipe

pumpkin cheesecake

This creamy, sweet, pumpkin cheesecake is so good no one will even suspect it's gluten-free.

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