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Oreo churros are the best news you’ll hear all week (VIDEO)


Much to the delight of cookie lovers everywhere, Oreo churros are here, and they’ll make you rethink everything you ever thought about cinnamon sugar-covered fried dough.


We’ve seen just about every Oreo flavor we could imagine, and now, in a partnership that will make die-hard fans froth at the mouth, Mondelez International and J&J Snack Foods Corp. will bring the world its latest snack aisle treat. But this time it’s not just a new cookie flavor… no, it’s so much better than that.

Let’s call it the churro 2.0. All the good things about a churro — fried dough, crispy outside, soft inside — but it’s made with Oreo cookies. Oreo cookies! Going to the fair just got a little more appealing…

For those of you lamenting the absence of the classic cinnamon sugar coating, let me just remind you: You’ve got a churro you can dunk into a glass of milk. Who needs cinnamon sugar?

Check out the video for all the details and, most important, to find out what Bob Saget is thinking of changing his name to.

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