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Move over, Cronut: The croissant burrito is here to steal your crown

It might feel like we’ve reached peak croissant mashup, but time and again, the folks at Reddit prove that with a little imagination, anything is possible in the kitchen.

Dominique Ansel has nothing on Redditor jaymax, who knows that while some of us may be willing to wait in an hours-long line to get a cream-filled fusion pastry, the rest of us are sitting at home with a can of crescent rolls in the fridge and a yearning in our heart. But this is America, the land of manifest destiny, and here, we go big or go home.

This massive croissant burrito is the culinary expression of the desire to expand our horizons beyond that which is known to us. Not all of us can go to New York to experience the Cronut. But most of us can dip our toes into the world of croissant-fusion cuisine thanks to a little help from the Pillsbury Doughboy.

croissant burrito exterior

Photo credit: Imgur

All one needs to create this masterpiece are two cans of croissants (or “crescent rolls”), cooked taco meat or the burrito filling of your choice, refried beans, Spanish rice and lots of cheese.

croissant burrito filling

Photo credit: Imgur

The result is a croissant-urrito: crispy, buttery and golden on the outside, meaty, cheesy and beany within.

And the possiblities for this creation seem endless. Go the way of Taco Bell and throw in a layer of crushed Doritos, or add pulled pork, jalapeños and Jack cheese. If you can put it into a burrito, then you can wrap it in croissants. You could even attempt a ques-ant-urrito, using cheese-stuffed crescent roll dough as the burrito wrapping. But that iteration might actually kill you.

You can follow the entire process of making this behemoth below. What would you stuff inside a croissant-urrito?

Photo credit: Imgur

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