Top 10 Thanksgiving fails will make you feel better about your cooking skills

Nov 16, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. ET
Image: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

The combination of frenzied cooking, out-of-town relatives and copious amounts of sugar and wine means Thanksgiving is one of the most emotionally and physically grueling days of the year.

These sorry folks lived to tell the tale of all the things that could (and did) go wrong during their Thanksgiving dinners.

1. The unexpected guest

"Happy Thanksgiving, here's a turkey I forgot to thaw, annnd apparently my dog saw a mouse and now he won't get off the counter..."
Photo credit: Imgur

Because Aunt Ethel's new friend wasn't the least welcome guest of the day.

2. Is that a real turkey?


It begs asking a second time... Is that a real turkey?

3. It's definitely not a turkey

It's a ham. How did they not realize this was a ham?

4. The gravy-eyed grandma


Hell hath no fury like a grandmother scorned.

5. The loneliest diner


Surround him with elderly relatives, and this man personifies how I feel about most nonfood-related Thanksgiving dinner conversations.

6. The five-second fail


And yet no one listens when I try to call out the five-second rule for being gross...

 7. The cupcake that looked like...?


This frosting totally looks like turkey — after it's been digested, that is.

8. The traditionalist's revenge


There's a reason barbecued turkey isn't a thing, but try telling that to your charcoal-happy Uncle Jerry.

9. The procrastinator's Thanksgiving


Be real: No one is coming to your house for duck on Thanksgiving. It's like, the one day a year we get to appreciate turkey!

10. The post-wine debauchery

This is why you're not supposed to start drinking before the turkey's out of the oven. I wish I could say I wasn't speaking from experience (thanks a lot, brandy).

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