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10 Fruits you’ve been eating wrong, and how to do it right


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Fruit is a tasty, healthy snack that should be easy to grab out of the fridge and eat at a moment’s notice. But how much time (and fruit!) have you wasted by improperly cutting, peeling and eating it?

You don’t want to know. The good news is you can now maximize your sweet, sweet fruit consumption thanks to the hacks below.

1. Apples

Apple cores are a myth. That’s right — a myth! If you eat your apple starting at the bottom or top instead of starting in the middle, the core disappears, and you’re just left with a couple of seeds to spit out (or secretly swallow).

2. Mandarin oranges

If you’re sick of getting sticky fingers and wrestling with peel and pith, then this method of peeling mandarin oranges will be revelatory.

3. Bananas

Leave it to humans to mess up something as simple as peeling a banana. Our other primate friends had it figured out a long time ago: You should start from the bottom to effortlessly peel your banana.

4. Pomegranates

Getting the arils out of a pomegranate sometimes feels impossible to do and can leave your kitchen looking like a murder scene. Turns out a bowl of water makes the process so easy, you might actually start enjoying pomegranates again.

5. Pistachios

It turns out the secret to opening pistachios is… pistachios. Good to know!

how to open a pistachio with a pistachio shell

Photo credit: Natalie Dee

6. Pineapple

How much pineapple do you waste trying to remove the eyes and all that spiny stuff? This method makes sure you get the most fruit for your buck.

7. Mangoes

Using a knife to peel a slippery mango is messy and dangerous. There’s a much easier way, and all it requires is a drinking glass.

8. Watermelon

If you haven’t been cutting watermelon this way, then you’ve been wasting your time.

9. Kiwi

Stop struggling with that tough, furry skin. All you have to do is slice off both ends, and then use a spoon to scoop the flesh away from the peel.

10. Strawberries

How much of the strawberry do you waste when you cut off the tops? A lot. This method uses a straw and saves most of the berry for eating.

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