The most perfect supercut of Kramer stealing food from Jerry on Seinfeld (VIDEO)

I know everyone’s first thought about food when it comes to Seinfeld is probably “No soup for you!” But did you ever notice how often Kramer has his hand in Jerry’s cookie jar?
Thanks to Supercompressor, we can now watch every single time Kramer poached Seinfeld’s Chinese, mini Ritz, Double Crunch, Dijon and even spoiled milk. And really, if you’re going to have a neighbor that constantly steals your food, he might as well drink the chunky milk, right? Less for you to throw away…

Watch Kramer in all his eccentric glory as he caution tapes off broken eggs on the floor, pockets bottles of maple syrup, eats cereal with tomato juice and just generally annoys Jerry. It’s a thing of beauty for any Seinfeld fan.

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