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Do we really need to refrigerate our eggs? (VIDEO)

Americans have the tendency to refrigerate everything, but is it necessary? Find out whether that carton of eggs really needs to go into the icebox.


Eggs… They’re a touchy subject. They cause a lot of angst when it comes to expiration dates. There’s the pasteurized vs. unpasteurized debate when it comes to eating them raw. And then there’s the issue of refrigeration.

As it turns out, Americans are among the few who actually do refrigerate their eggs. And as far as I know, unrefrigerated eggs haven’t been responsible for mass illness and/or chaos in those other countries, so maybe it’s not necessary after all. Gasp!

I admit that as someone firmly in the “let’s refrigerate everything in sight else it will go bad instantly” camp, this one is a little hard for me to swallow. But I know many people who keep their fresh eggs displayed on their counters, and they are still alive and well. So the moral of the story appears to be this: Refrigerate your eggs… or don’t (as long as you know where they’re coming from).

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