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10 Times latte art made us set our mugs down in awe


SheKnows Editorial

Like… how is it even possible to create such masterpieces out of milk foam?

I would feel so guilty destroying one of these works of art just to slake my thirst. The good news is you can take your time appreciating the latte art below, minus the guilt that comes with drinking one of these beauties!

1. It’s like watching a movie in your mug.

This magical rendering of Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas is spooky and beautiful.

2. Drink this one fast, because it’s too scary to look at!

I never knew coffee could be so terrifying. Combine this imagery with caffeine, and I’d say this would be a shaky start to anyone’s day.

3. This one puts your drawing skills to shame.

This amazing anime latte art is better than anything I could draw… and it’s made out of milk.

4. Finally, a minion that’s all yours.

OMG! This minion latte and cookie combo is literally the cutest.

5. Kittens like saucers of milk, humans like mugs of milk kittens.

This li’l kitten is just popping up to say “hello!”

6. Hey, puppies want to get in on the latte game too!
Seeing this puppy first thing in the morning and knowing there’s espresso underneath pretty much ensures you’re getting the best possible start to your day.

7. The one that inspires #dadjokes

This latte art is out of this world.

8. Snoopy’s gloom is a latte lover’s boon.
It looks like Snoopy here could use a cup of joe himself.

9. Say whaaat?

There is a giraffe. Coming out of this latte. My mind can’t even comprehend how this is possible.

10. This is almost better than a real kitten. Because you can drink it when it’s done being cute.

How even…? Your mind isn’t playing tricks: This is a foam kitten jumping from one latte into the frothy koi pond of another.

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