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Bacon-crusted ribs from TGI Friday’s are ridiculously amazing


SheKnows Editorial

Just in case baby back ribs aren’t decadently porky enough for you, TGI Friday’s has decided to cover them in bacon.

Its new $10 Rib Flight Trio features other flavors like Chipotle Smoked BBQ, Sweet Memphis Rub, Tennessee BBQ and Famous Jack Daniel’s, but none caused me to both dry heave and start salivating quite like the Applewood Bacon-Crusted Ribs.

TGI Fridays Bacon Prep Gif

GIF credit: TGI Friday’s

The Applewood Bacon-Crusted Ribs are slow cooked in “a spicy-sweet chipotle & onion relish,” then covered in “an avalanche of applewood-smoked bacon.” Remind me why they’re even bothering with the other flavors?

I can’t even think of another food combination like this. Rib-eye steak covered in beef jerky? Chicken breast crusted in chicken nuggets? They all sound gross, but somehow the combination of ribs and bacon is just… perfect. The salty-sweetness of bacon is the perfect complement to the chipotle-onion relish, and the bacon-y crunch is the perfect textural contrast to the tender, slow-cooked ribs. At the same time, I can actually feel my arteries hardening when I watch the commercial below. But them’s the breaks, folks — who ever said love was easy?

Will you be feasting on the Applewood Bacon-Crusted Ribs? Or is consuming that amount of pork in one sitting a sure death sentence?

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