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What does your drink say about your party style?

As you quietly sip your merlot, you’re actually broadcasting your party style loud and clear. Let’s find out what your favorite party drink is saying about your party style.

Craft beer

Let me guess: you’re currently wearing a pair of Toms and an ironic T-shirt. You’re a quintessentially casual hostess, but in a way that makes guests feel like they’re part of something special. Go ahead and host your holiday party around a campfire with roasted marshmallows. That’s cool.


As a chardonnay lover, the words oaky and citrusy are part of your everyday vocabulary. Your kind of party is a casual patio chat with your best girlfriends, as long as Bon Iver is playing in the background. If someone asks the type of food you prefer, you respond without irony, “I have a Mediterranean palate.”

Cranberry vodka

You’re a college party girl, all grown up. Gone are the days of keg stands and Mardi Gras beads, but you still like to throw a party that’s a little edgy. As in, loud music and mini skirts abound at your typical party. At least you’ve graduated from straight-up vodka shots to a little bit of cranberry juice, no?

Margarita from a machine

Hey, haters are gonna hate on the margarita machine, but that’s because they’re idiots. You know that when the frozen margarita mix starts churning, good times are sure to follow. If the weather permits, you love a fabulous outdoor party, complete with a DJ and tiki torches.


Let’s ignore the fact that Perrier is $4 for a bottle of water — because, hey, it’s delicious. You opt for sparkling water because you love to people-watch, and alcohol tends to get in the way of your hobby. You’re kind of introverted, but you still love a big party so you can appreciate a huge variety of people and their stories.


You have an appreciation for thick sweaters — both of the winter variety, and the variety that are worn on your teeth after imbibing a dry merlot. No matter. You march to the beat of your own drum, which means that you love a good wine-tasting party with 15 cheeses that no one else can pronounce or possibly enjoy.

Egg nog

You’re a fool for winter, in the best kind of way. In fact, you started playing Christmas music when the first cold snap hit your town back in September. While you would likely prefer to hibernate in the summer months, your winter holiday parties are the stuff of legend.

Mint mojito

Mojito lovers are worldly and enjoy regaling guests with stories of that summer spent backpacking across Europe. Were you an art history major, too? Regardless, your parties are adventurous — often based on a travel theme. You’re also quite likely to call your bagel-bite appetizers “tapas.”

Rum and Coke

You’ve got a sweet tooth, in both party drinks and life. Most likely, you’re the kind of woman who prefers a small gathering with your best friends crowded around a party game. You might not throw the hottest shindig, but friends and neighbors love coming to your house for its coziness.

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