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KFC’s new Zinger Double Down King is a ridiculous calorie monster


SheKnows Editorial

I hope I never find out how hungry I need to be to eat a 750-calorie bacon-topped burger sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s enough food for three people! But KFC Korea disagrees. And apparently so does much of the planet, as the KFC Zinger Double Down King is making headlines all around the world.

KFC Korea Zinger Double Down King

Photo credit: KFC Korea

Slathered in creamy sauce, this burger (a steal at $6) forgoes buns in favor of two pieces of fried Zinger chicken breasts. It follows on the heels of KFC USA’s humble (in comparison) Double Down — bacon, two cheeses and Colonel’s secret sauce, mashed between two pieces of Original Recipe Fried Chicken.

It might only be available in Korea currently, but due to demand, I have a feeling it may find its way to American menus soon.

Or not.

Would you try the Zinger Double Down King?

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