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20 Delicious Ways to Pickle Foods Other Than Cucumbers

National Pickle Day isn’t until November, but if you have a total obsession like us, Pickle Day is pretty much all day every day. Pickles for lunch, pickles for dinner — heck, we’ll even take them for dessert.

And we’re not just talking about the classic cucumber variety, either. You can pickle just about anything to turn a boring sandwich into a total Instagram-worthy piece of food porn. Don’t believe us? Give all these pickled foods a try. You won’t regret it.

1. Pickled cauliflower & beets recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

These pickled cauliflower and beets are gorgeous in color and have a great bite.

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2. Homemade kimchi recipe

Homemade kimchi

Image: Food In Jars

The classic Korean condiment, homemade kimchi is a great addition to your pickled pantry.

3. Pickled red onions recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Tori Avey

One of the most used pickled vegetable (after cucumbers, of course!), pickled red onions top tacos, sandwiches and even pasta salads.

4. Pickled cherries recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Nutmeg Nanny

These pickled cherries add a sweet balance to your grilled seafood and pork dishes.

5. Colorful pickled eggs recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Marie Kazalia/EyeEm/Getty Images

A fantastic snack, colorful pickled eggs make for the perfect afternoon treat.

6. Pickled fairy tale eggplant recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Food In Jars

The perfect pickled texture, serve this pickled fairy-tale eggplant alongside your dinner or on toast.

7. Pickled jalapeños recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Foodie Crush

By pickling jalapeños, the heat is subdued a bit, making these pickled jalapeños a taco favorite.

8. Curry pickled cauliflower recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Tori Avey

The curry powder adds such great color to this curry pickled cauliflower.

9. Pickled Asian pears with lemon recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Food In Jars

Try pickling hearty fruits like pears or apples. These pickled Asian pears with lemon are bright with citrus flavor.

10. Pickled Rainier cherries recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: What Jew Wanna Eat

Preserve the short season of Rainier cherries, and save these pickled Rainier cherries for a special treat.

11. Pickled plum salad recipe

pickled plum salad with chicken

Image: The Noshery

We love that this pickled plum salad is served alongside chicken. Another gorgeous way to serve it would be alongside pork chops.

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12. Spicy pickled green beans recipe

Spicy pickled green beans

Image: Recipe Girl

We’re known to be caught snacking on these spicy pickled green beans any day.

13. Lime pickled onions recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Laylita’s Recipes

The addition of lime makes these lime pickled onions a little more unique than the classic pickled onions.

14. Pickled beets recipe

Pickled beets

Image: Foodie Crush

If you need a pickled item that impresses with its gorgeous color, then pickled beets are what you need.

15. Pickled fish recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: My Colombian Recipes

Served in the Caribbean and some Latin American countries, pickled fish is alike to ceviche and a great dish for the hotter months.

16. Pickled chipotle carrot straws recipe

Pickled chipotle carrot straws

Image: Sarcastic Cooking

Add a bit of spice to your pickled produce by throwing in some chipotle, like in these pickled chipotle carrot straws.

17. Pickled radish & turnips recipe

Pickled radish and turnips

Image: The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

If you get tons of radishes and turnips in your CSA box, then making these pickled radish and turnips should be on your to-do list.

18. Refrigerator pickled salad recipe

Refrigerator pickled salad

Image: The Noshery

An option to a regular salad, having this refrigerator pickled salad saves the day when you don’t have any fresh greens at home.

19. Pickled pequins recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Sweet Life

These tiny, pickled chiles are pickled pequins, but you can pickle any kind of chile you find in your local markets.

20. Pickled peach salsa recipe

Pickle recipes
Image: Hungry Food Love

This tart and sweet salsa is a delicious topping to tacos. Make this pickled peach salsa this week.

Originally posted November 2014. Updated July 2017.

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