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Thanksgiving scarecrow cupcakes are the cutest way to celebrate

Pies reign supreme at my family’s Thanksgiving celebration, and few other desserts are even allowed on my mom’s coveted dessert table. As much as I love pie, I have to be honest — I like a little more variety when it comes to an after-turkey treat. That’s why I’m going to bring my own dessert concoction to the dessert table, one that might actually be just a little too cute to eat.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

This adorable scarecrow cuppie cake will undoubtedly be the hit at any Thanksgiving celebration, just out of sheer cuteness. I mean, really, how cute is he? Not only is this a fantastic holiday dessert idea, but it’s also a great edible centerpiece or a fun treat for any kid’s November parties. And the best part? It’s actually quite easy to make.

To start, bake your favorite kind of cupcakes. It doesn’t matter what flavor or if they’re homemade or store-bought. You just need about 14 to make your scarecrow. I went the chocolate route, because, well… chocolate.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

Once they’re baked and completely cooled, you want to make the scarecrow shape. I followed this pretty closely, but you can arrange him anyway you like. Once he’s set up, you want to frost. I opted for an orange, blue and chocolate combination, but you can use any colors you like.

Using this as a guide, I frosted 5-1/2 cupcakes with bright orange frosting. Then, for some extra pizzazz, I added some sprinkles.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

For the pants, I then whipped up a blue tint with my white frosting and the addition of blue icing gel.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

Once it was mixed, I frosted 4-1/2 cupcakes with the blue. When you’re frosting the cupcake that is already half frosted with orange, just be careful to not bleed the colors together. You want this to look as realistic as you can (while it still being, you know, a cake).

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

Now for the adorable face. I used chocolate frosting because, well, again… chocolate. I then ate about 15 Reese’s Pieces, saving just enough for the buttons on the shirt and for the eyes.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

For the nose and the cute little patches on the pants, I cut that squishy fruit candy in half and added them with some black icing gel.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

Then the hat came from graham crackers, and the straw from those weird fake corns you can find next to the pumpkin pies at the grocery store. This should go without saying, but, um… don’t eat that. K, great.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

Now this cute little guy is complete. I added some ruffles around his pants, above the belt, so it looks like his pants are scrunched tightly.

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

You don’t have to. I just think it makes him look even cuter, don’t you?

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake

Thanksgiving scarecrow cuppie cake recipe

Adapted and inspired by Pinterest

This easy Thanksgiving-themed cake made out of cupcakes is perfect for the novice baker. To make the scarecrow shape, use the images as your guide, or use any of these templates.

Serves 14

Total time: 35-45 minutes


  • 14 precooked and cooled cupcakes
  • 1/2 jar orange frosting
  • Orange icing sprinkles
  • 1/2 jar white frosting
  • 1 tube blue icing gel
  • 1/2 cup chocolate frosting
  • 1-1/2 tubes black icing gel
  • 8 brown and yellow Reese’s Pieces
  • 5-6 gummy candies
  • 1/2 black licorice Twizzler (for the belt)
  • 1 sheet graham crackers
  • Fake straw, for garnish


  1. To begin, arrange your cupcakes into a scarecrow shape. (You want to do this on the platter or tray you plan to serve it on; otherwise it’s a nightmare to move.)
  2. Once he’s arranged, you can start frosting. Frost 5-1/2 of the top cupcakes (below the head) with orange frosting. Add some orange sprinkles to add extra pizzazz.
  3. Then you want to mix together the blue frosting for the pants. I did this by mixing an entire tube of blue icing gel with 1/2 a jar of frosting, stirring well. Once it’s mixed, frost 4-1/2 cupcakes (on the bottom half) with the blue frosting. The center cupcake will already be decorated with orange frosting on the top half, so be careful to not bleed the colors.
  4. To make the face, frost the head cupcake with chocolate frosting. Add 2 brown Reese’s Pieces for eyes, and use the black icing gel to make the mouth. For the nose, cut a gummy candy into a triangle shape, and place it right above the mouth.
  5. For the body decorations, add 3 to 5 yellow Reese’s Pieces for buttons. Add a black Twizzler right in the center of the blue half of the orange-blue decorated cupcake. To make ruffles, pipe extra blue frosting coming out of the belt (to make it look like the pants are scrunched).
  6. To make the patches, slice the gummy candy into small squares, and place them all over the pants. Using your black icing gel, carefully make a few small black lines connecting the gummy candy to the pants (this will look like black stitching).
  7. To make the hat, carefully cut the graham cracker into a thin rectangle and then into a larger triangle. Place the hat on the last remaining unfrosted cupcake, and add a black line with the icing gel to connect the 2 sections.
  8. When adding the straw decorations, carefully stick them into the ends of the arms and the legs, and then add a few pieces coming out from the hat and below the head. If you want, cut more of the gummy candy into thin lines, and place them around the edges of the shirt (to give him straw hands).
  9. Add a few extra pieces of straw, and then enjoy!

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